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I had my windows installed about 18 months ago. The first winter that happened I started to get water coming through just a little. Later, I started getting full on leaking. I can never get anyone to call me back to address the issue. I don't feel at all that I got a good value.Update: I was contacted by the company, and they came out and resealed a lot of the windows. They were nice and attentive. I'm still not sure how great these windows are as I'm not a window person, but the company itself is very good.
Ray Mullings
Ray Mullings
19:35 18 Dec 20
Great price and product. Did a great job installing our six windows. I highly recommend Mountain States Windows & Siding! Thank you!!
Sherry White
Sherry White
22:36 13 Dec 20
Dave is amazing! Such a charismatic guy. He does great work and is personable. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for reasonable pricing and great service.
Cassie Arnold
Cassie Arnold
01:08 13 Oct 20
We are very pleased with our windows! Dave did a good job of sharing all of the information and what to expect. The install was quick and seamless and done in one day. Overall, we had a great experience and would recommend Dave’s friendly service to anyone.
Tomio _sugi
Tomio _sugi
21:15 03 Sep 20
I am completely impressed with Mountain States Windows and Siding. We needed to replace a very small section of vinyl siding on our house. Most companies weren't willing to help me find a match or sell me such a small amount. But Mountain States was so helpful! They were responsive, knowledgable, and generous. They really bent over backwards to help me get the couple pieces I needed (and quickly, too!). There really is no job too small for these guys! I highly recommend this professional, accommodating, honest company.
Rachelle Orsak
Rachelle Orsak
16:02 25 Aug 20