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How To Clean Your Siding Without A Pressure Washer

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Now that you’ve had your siding installed by one of many local siding companies, it’s important to know how to care for your exterior building material without a pressure washer. 

Siding is one of the best exterior materials a homeowner could choose. This material is inexpensive yet increases your house’s value. It instantly boosts curb appeal and is energy efficient. Best of all, siding is hardwearing and considerably low-maintenance, especially compared to other exterior material options.

House siding withstands all types of weather, repels water, resists insects, and prevents fading. Some siding can even resist 200 mph wind speeds or more. Under typical conditions, siding is virtually indestructible.

While different kinds of siding for homes are ultra-durable and long-lasting, you can extend and further these attributes if you take the time to take care of them. A little TLC will keep your siding exteriors looking great for years to come, and trust us, it doesn’t require too much time or effort, even if you skip out on using a pressure washer.

Continue scrolling to learn how to clean siding and a few tips from our professionals on how to get the job done well.

Why shouldn’t I use a pressure washer on my siding?

Whether a big storm just went through or you’ve neglected cleaning your home exteriors for some time, cleaning your siding exteriors may require much more effort. Or, you simply want a quick way to get the layers of dust and grime off your home.

We understand. Many homeowners turn to a pressure washer to complete the job in these situations. While power washers help complete the task faster, there are really good reasons you might want to forgo using a strong sprayer:

  • Pressure washers can cause a lot more damage than they are worth. If your siding is even the slightest bit damaged (punctures, warping, lifting, etc.), a pressure washer cleaning can significantly intensify any problems, expediting any issues.
  • Some siding companies might not tell you that using a pressure washer on your siding may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Before reaching for this powerful piece of equipment, make sure to research the details of your specific warranty.
  • Power washing your siding near windows can result in window damage, such as water damage or a broken window.
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Washing your siding: 6 simple steps

There are many different kinds of home siding, and knowing how to clean your property is key. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your siding without using a pressure washer:

1. Gather supplies 

    Before you embark on your siding cleaning adventure, make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need:

    • A bucket of warm water
    • Vinyl siding cleaner (homemade or store-bought)
    • Soft brush, sponge, or rag
    • Gloves
    • Sturdy ladder
    • Garden hose

    2. Mix your cleaning solution

      Follow the mixing instructions on the back of your solution container, or make an at-home vinyl siding cleaner for a non-toxic option that gets the job done.

      3. Move surrounding yard items

        Before breaking out the ladder, move any items around your home that might get in your way, or you don’t want to get wet, such as grills, planters, toys, furniture, and anything else. Make sure you are careful around your foundation plantings; you may want to consider covering them with tarps to avoid overly spraying them.

        4. Inspect your siding

          Using your ladder, climb up near the area you’ll be starting and inspect the siding for damage. Look for gaps, holes, punctures, and other areas where water could enter and cause damage. Avoid getting water in these areas until you can have a professional repair them.

          5. Spray the siding’s surface 

            Using a garden hose, spray a small section of siding that you’ll work on with water. Spray the surface using a downward motion to avoid forcing water beneath the siding, where it might cause damage that leads to rot.

            6. Scrub with a brush and cleaner

              Using a soft scrub brush (or your tool of choice) and the siding cleanser, scrub the siding to remove dirt and grime buildup. Then, use your hose to rinse the siding thoroughly. Repeat where necessary. Then, move on to your next section.

              A home with a vibrant red roof and white trim, showcasing various siding options for houses

              Five tips for cleaning your siding without a power washer

              Here are some pro tips that will ensure your siding looks as good as new:

              Tip #1 — Avoid using abrasive materials and tools on your siding

              Whether it’s caked on mud, bird poop, layer after layer of dust, mold, or mildew, sometimes getting these stubborn stains and marks off your home proves to be more than challenging. We understand the need to get out the big guns to accomplish these kinds of tasks; however, like a pressure washer, using abrasive tools and materials on your siding can cause more damage than it does good.

              Paint scrapers, steel wool, and wire brushes all have their place, but cleaning your siding isn’t the time to use them since the rules can be highly damaging. These intense tools may leave permanent scratches and marks behind, cause the siding to fade and discolor, expose layers to the elements, and even puncture your siding.

              It’s best to use gentle materials like a soft-bristled brush, knobby rag, sponge, and some elbow grease to tackle unsightly siding.

              Tip #2 — Work in sections 

              Tackle smaller sections at a time for a more manageable task. Doing an entire wall at a time can feel overwhelming, and you won’t be able to rinse your cleaning solutions before they dry properly. 

              Additionally, work your way from top to bottom in your sections. It’s much more effective.

              Tip #3 — Skip harsh chemicals 

              Your home exteriors were built to withstand extreme weather, constant sun exposure, and much more. Even though your siding was made to be tough, some cleaning solutions are not good for it. 

              It’s best to use harsh chemicals that contain solvents and other intense ingredients since they can strip, discolor, dissolve, and decompose the siding’s surface. When cleaning your siding, use a vinyl siding cleaner made of water and gentle ingredients to keep your exterior material looking and functioning at its best.

              Tip #4 — Pick a good weather day, not a great weather day

              An outdoor home maintenance project like washing your siding is best done at low temperatures. Washing your siding when it’s too hot results in your cleaning solution drying too quickly, making it difficult to clean and rinse effectively.

              Tip #5 — Double spray for particularly dirty houses

              If the siding on your property is especially dirty, use your hose to spray it down twice with warm water before you apply your cleaning solution and start scrubbing. Doing this will remove as much dust, dirt, and debris during your pre-rinse, giving you a cleaner result.

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