10 Mirror and Window Cleaning Tips


It’s spring cleaning time! Get your windows, mirrors, and other glass shiny and looking like new with a few simple cleaning tips. Whether you’re doing a deep cleaning of the house or just looking to add some tips to your weekly cleaning routine, these tips and tricks will leave you with a clean, streak-free window or mirror that looks like new.

  1. Try making your own solution with a mix of 2:1 vinegar and water. Vinegar is a great natural cleaning agent that cuts through grease and doesn’t streak. Vinegar is also much cheaper than most cleaning solutions, and often more effective. For a streak-free shine, try using vinegar to clean your windows.
  2. Use a squeegee. Want to get those hard to reach places without leaving any streaks? Try using a squeegee. Squeegees are a cheap investment that pays off time and time again when cleaning windows and mirrors.
  3. Use a box cutter blade to remove gunk. Do your mirrors or windows have gunk or paint overspray staining them? Clean off any of that clutter easily with a sharp blade. Scrape any gunk away easily with a swipe.
  4. Remove residue easily with some steel wool. Scrubbing with steel wool can remove adhesive residue, tree sap, or other tenacious stains from glass and mirrors. If you don’t have a box cutter blade, this is a great option too.
  5. Mix up your own effective window and glass cleaner with one part rubbing alcohol, one part anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, and a splash of ammonia. You can also add a fresh scent with some lemon juice or oil. Lemon juice and oil are also effective natural cleaning agents, plus they smell nice! Making your own cleaning solution can come in handy and save you money in the long run. Plus, this way you know exactly what chemicals you’re bringing into your house.
  6. Wipe your windows with newspapers. This might sound strange but wiping down your windows with newspapers will leave a clean, streak-free window (or glass) behind. Give it try!
  7. Another trick for a streak-free wipe—a dry blackboard eraser. Erase streaks and stains with a dry eraser.
  8. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight. The solution may dry too quickly for you to wipe it away streak-free. Try cleaning windows in the morning or evening instead of the afternoon heat.
  9. Use tongs and towels to clean blinds. Cleaning blinds can be tedious but make it a quick and easy job with a few towels tied to the ends of tongs. Wipe between blades quickly to get rid of dust.
  10. Use cotton swabs or a toothbrush to clean corners and windowsills. Windowsills and corners can easily gather dust. This also applies to the corners and frames of mirrors. Pull out a cotton swab or old toothbrush to get the dust and dirt out of those tiny places.