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Ways to Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

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If you’re on the search for exterior remodeling companies that will help boost your curb appeal, you’re in luck!

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and in the real estate world, an excellent first impression is everything. It may be the difference between someone buying your home right away and it staying on the market for weeks or even months. It’s not uncommon for buyers to skip checking out the rest of the house after a lousy first impression of the home’s exterior. Even if the interiors are breathtaking, a property that lacks curb appeal misses the mark for many buyers.

If you are not planning to sell your property, how the exterior of your house looks still matters to many homeowners. Most property owners take pride in their home exteriors and yards and want it to look its best. There’s nothing quite like making a home that is welcoming to guests and your loved ones.

So, if you’re selling your house, plan to eventually, or simply want to make your current house look better, there are several things you can do to significantly boost your curb appeal.

Continue reading below to learn more about putting your best home exteriors forward.

What is curb appeal?

Imagine walking by a house where the yard is overgrown and dead, the soffit and fascia are hanging down, the front window and siding are cracked and chipped. This rundown house isn’t anything close to your dream home, is it?

Sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint what exactly makes a house look more inviting than another, but when you see “curb appeal,” you know it. The good news is that you don’t always need a massive, bank-breaking budget to create exceptional curb appeal

What most homes need is balance, color and contrast, and a lot of elbow grease, effort, and TLC. Balance affects our first impressions in a subtle way, such as the amount of yard compared to driveway and home structure. Contrast determines where our eyes land first, for example, a pop of colorful flowers against a clean, white house.

Curb appeal is more than just what your neighbors and visitors have to say about the way a house looks. Changes made to improve curb appeal can also add more value to your home, boosting how much your property is worth and how much you sell it (should you decide to put it on the market).

Some of these curb appeal-boosting projects are quick fixes and can be done by yourself in an afternoon, while other projects that add a lot of pizazz will require professional help from exterior remodeling companies.

5 ways to improve your curb appeal

If you are readying your house to sell, have an upcoming assessment, or simply have pride in homeownership, curb appeal is crucial. Here are five projects that could help your property make a fantastic first impression and possibly raise your home’s value:

1. Well-maintained yard — A yellow, crunchy yard or grass that looks like it hasn’t been cut in weeks may not bother you, but it’s definitely affecting your curb appeal. A well-maintained lawn goes a long way in improving how the exterior of your house looks.

Consider using sod or grass seed to fill in bare patches, water regularly, and mow your lawn at least once weekly during the months when it grows quickly. You don’t need to pay a landscaper to bring your yard back to life. A few hours each week dedicating time and effort to your lawn, and you’ll have a yard that could be on the cover of a Home and Garden magazine. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy your property.

Additionally, planting flowers, bushes, and trees will make a big difference to your home by adding interest, depth, color, and personality.

2. Updated windows — Old, broken down windows are often associated with haunted or abandoned houses— two things no one wants their home to resemble. Windows play a huge role in how your property looks (and functions), and new, energy-efficient windows will make your house look much more appealing and inviting.

While replacing your windows is often a big investment, it’s usually worthwhile. New windows will also increase your home’s energy efficiency, significantly reducing your monthly utility bills. These aesthetic and financial perks are generally quite appealing to homeowners and any potential buyers down the line.

3. Exterior lighting — Not only do you want your house to look good during the day, but there are things to do to make it stand out when the sun goes down. Many of the homes that turn your head when you drive down a neighbor at night have exterior lighting throughout their property.

Not only will these additional lights allow you to showcase your landscaping, porch, and other structural elements of your house, but they will also increase the security of your property by deterring someone thinking about breaking into your home.

4. Replace or repair soffit and fascia — Soffit and fascia are architectural elements that are often front and center and found along the eaves of your roof and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, such as supporting curb appeal.
If your soffit and fascia start sagging, it’s time to repair or, possibly, replace them. Water damage, weak fasteners, and other other external factors could lead to sagging. If it isn’t handled right away, it can cause severe issues for your home’s exterior and diminish the way your house looks.

5. New siding — Together with your windows and your roof, your home exterior material is what makes up nearly 100% of what you see when you look at your house. Meaning, siding plays a big role in how other people perceive your property. 

Old siding is easily dented, dinged, and broken and cannot properly serve its purpose. Today’s siding is much better quality than that of 60 years ago, and the options in terms of texture, shape, size, and color are seemingly endless. Just imagine what new windows and siding would do for your curb appeal.

Not only is siding an integral part of curb appeal, but it also plays an essential role in protecting you, your loved ones, and your home’s structure. Quality siding that is in good condition helps to prevent leaks and keeps water from coming into your house, therefore preventing mildew and mold. Moreover, new siding will likely boost your home’s value.

Looking at exterior remodeling companies that will boost curb appeal? Mountain States Windows & Siding can help!

If you’re searching for exterior remodeling companies that will help improve your property’s curb appeal, look no further than Mountain States Windows & Siding.

Whether you want to replace your old, dingy windows with today’s latest energy-efficient option or swap your faded and dated siding for something more modern and effective, the professionals at Mountain States Windows & Siding are here to help with all of your curb appeal-boosting projects.

We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation as a skilled, hassle-free home improvement company. We offer high-quality materials that increase your home’s value and curb appeal. We also provide the same work for the kitchen and bathroom projects we complete. When you choose Mountain States, you will always receive superior, friendly, and honest service with a smile.

We are Northern Utah’s window and siding experts and are eager to get your home looking great again. So, if you’re in Salt Lake City, West Valley, Pleasant Grove, Springville, or a nearby city, contact Mountain States Windows & Siding for all of your window and siding needs.

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