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Double Hung Vs. Casement Windows

Double Hung Vs. Casement Windows

You may wonder which type of window is best for your home or business, double-hung or casement windows.

First, let’s discuss what they look like so you can determine if you want one or the other. Casement windows use cranks to open and close, enabling you to open them with one hand. They also swing horizontally like a door, away from the envelope of your home. Casement windows work well in kitchens since you typically need to reach over to open or close them.

Double-hung windows move up and down in a frame, with some allowing you to move both the top and bottom sashes. Other double-hung windows may only allow bottom movement. They’re also all-purpose windows. Discover the pros and cons of both types of windows.


Double Hung Window Pros and Cons

To help you decide which type of window you want, here’s a list of pros and cons of double-hung windows.


  • Work well in most rooms and with most home styles
  • Accommodate window air conditioning units
  • Last longer
  • Less maintenance
  • Less chance of mechanical failure
  • Weathers better
  • Less expensive
  • Built-in safety feature for children and pets
  • Low failure rate


  • Not tight-enough seals so air can escape
  • Sash divides the window, so it doesn’t look as modern
  • Harder to open than casement windows
  • Must be lifted and lowered by hand
  • More difficult to clean


Casement Windows Pros and Cons



  • Easy to operate
  • Contemporary style
  • Seals tight
  • Crank works opening mechanism
  • Easily opens and closes, ideal for disabled persons
  • Easier to clean


  • More expensive
  • Wind can catch casement sashes and rip it away
  • Crank unit is the first mechanical part to fail
  • Window air conditioners won’t fit
  • Time-consuming to open and close more than one casement at once

Energy Savings

When it comes to saving on energy bills, casements do a superior job of keeping air from escaping. Because the window sash presses straight onto all four sides of the window frame, it seals tightly. Latching the window further cinches the sashes. Double-hung windows fit nicely in the tracks but allow for some air to escape from the top. Ensuring a good seal can help reduce this issue.


Double-hung windows are typically less expensive than casement windows. Because of higher competition among window manufacturers, it helps control the costs. Casement windows, on the other hand, are more expensive, even twice as much, because of their more complex mechanical operations, coupled with lower consumer demand.


As stated above, casement windows offer a more modern style with their simple geometry and clean lines, so they work well with more contemporary homes. Double-hung windows use a more traditional look, so would be perfect for an older cottage-style home or with a modern yet antique look.

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