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Dreamy Views: Choosing the Right Windows for Bedrooms

A Collection Of Bedroom Window Ideas Showcasing Various Sizes And Styles To Inspire Your Next Home Decor Project

Imagine waking up in your cozy bed, and the first thing your sleepy eyes see is the sun’s gentle morning rays, warming your room through your beautiful new bedroom windows. 

That’s quite a dreamy scene we set, isn’t it? Well, that can be your reality! New windows that open up your space, making it appear bigger and brighter while still being energy efficient, help you save your hard-earned money and help maintain a comfortable environment — it’s no wonder you’re sleeping soundly!

Creating a serene and inviting atmosphere will help you unwind and relax. Homeowners can achieve this with new bedroom windows that offer multiple benefits, such as sound-reducing capabilities and energy efficiency. Not all windows are created equally, which is why we’re coming to you with several bedroom window ideas that will surely give you the retreat you desire.

Learn about bedroom window ideas, bedroom window size requirements, and more below.

Choosing the best windows for your bedroom: building codes and regulations

Before we dive into the best styles for your new bedroom windows, there are basic building codes and regulations that each state requires homeowners to meet. This includes bedroom window size, functionality, and egress. Let’s dive into these codes:

  • Size — Bedroom windows need at least a 20-inch opening in width and a 24-inch opening in height.
  • Egress — Bedrooms must have two ways in and out, one of which must exit to the exterior. This is often an interior door and exterior window, but the latter can be an exterior door instead of a window.
  • Operable — Windows must be operable and open and close with relative ease.

Bedroom windows: 4 styles to consider

After you’ve thought about safety requirements and building codes, you now have to consider the style of windows you want. Choosing the right windows for your bedroom is a big decision. 

You want something that helps the space feel larger and brighter and allows you to enjoy the view. But you also want to maintain some energy efficiency and privacy so you are comfortable in your own space. Thankfully, there are many great options to consider. Here are four of our favorites: 

  1. Sliding windows — Slider windows are an ideal choice for the bedroom. When considering bedroom window size, a sliding option is great because they are often bigger than other styles of windows and allow a lot more natural light into the space.
    This option is also highly durable, easy to use, and requires less maintenance than other windows. They proved superior ventilation because there are a lot of square inches when open, allowing for better airflow circulation throughout your home.
    Sliding windows are one of the best windows in terms of security and safety. They are easy to lock from inside the home by simply sliding it shut. Homeowners can place a wooden or metal dowel in the track to further ensure their family’s safety and security,
    Moreover, sliding windows are known to be highly energy efficient thanks to the tight seal that these windows create, making them the perfect choice for many homeowners. 
Bedroom with a bed and a window for natural light
  1. Bay or bow windows — If an expansive view of the outside world is important to you, bay or bow windows are a great option. These windows also give the feeling of more space. Typically, bay or bow windows consist of connected windows available with casements, picture, or double-hung windows. 
    A lot of times, you’ll see a bow or bay window in a dining room, kitchen, or living room, but if you let yourself think outside of the box, they will create the perfect reading nook right in the comforts of your own bedroom. This kind of window style is great for those slow mornings when you have time to relax and reflect.
    These types of windows are ideal for any bedroom, but especially in smaller bedrooms since they can be used for other functions, like a mini-office or window seat that offers additional storage.
    A bow or bay-style window also allows homeowners to set up their configuration to meet their needs and personal style best. This type of window will open up your space, allow sunlight to pour in, improve views, and create a better, more functional room.
  2. Double-hung windows — Whether you opt for a contemporary or traditional style, double-hung windows will fit perfectly in most bedrooms. Blending classic beauty, the convenience of easy cleaning, and optimal performance, this kind of window helps improve ventilation and promotes safety while leaving it open in “vent mode.”
    Vent mode allows homeowners to lock the double-hung window into place while they are slightly open, allowing fresh outdoor use without any safety or security issues.
    Because double-hung windows open vertically, they are perfect for rooms that face high-traffic areas. If you want more privacy or improved views, double-hung windows for your bedroom offer the best of both worlds! Add an entire row of these windows to your bedroom for even more light and amazing views.
  3. Casement windows — Casement windows are well-loved for their versatility and offer homeowners the best energy efficiency for your space. Thanks to the airtight seal between the window frame and sash creased during installation, casement windows offer better energy efficiency when compared to other window types. 
    You will enjoy lower energy bills and a comfortable interior environment all year long. That means staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. After all, your perfect temperature is essential for a good night’s sleep
    Casement windows easily swing inward or outward (depending on your selection) and allow natural light and fresh air to flood into your room. Moreover, these kinds of windows are easy to clean and entirely customizable to meet your specific needs. 
    Options include regular casement, french casement, narrow frame casement, in-swing casement, push-out casement, round-top designs, and more! 

Bedroom window ideas: 3 considerations for choosing the right option for your space

There are many bedroom window styles out there. There are a few other things to consider that could help determine which style of window you choose:

  1. Energy efficiency — Once upon a time, homes were built with single-pane windows. These windows do little to nothing, but especially for energy efficiency. Today’s houses have double-pane windows, vastly improving a property’s efficiency.
    Energy efficiency is important throughout the house, especially in the bedroom, where you’ll want to be comfortable. To further your energy savings, consider a triple-paned window option.
  2. Ventilation needs — If you like to go about your day with your windows open, or, perhaps you like to sleep with them open, you’ll want to think about how your windows open. Some homeowners like to open their windows during a rainstorm, making an awning window a great option.
    Other property owners might like windows that slide open from side to side or from bottom to top. It really comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.
  3. Wanted views — If views are important to you, you might want to consider a picture window, which creates an unobstructed view from your room. Of course, only part of your windows could be a picture window since building codes require that at least one of them opens in a bedroom.

Moreover, suppose the view from your bedroom window is important to you. In that case, avoid any window grilles, mullions, or muntins (the decorative lines and grids that visually separate the glass into smaller portions). These elements could impede your sightlines. 

Various bedroom window ideas showcasing different sizes and designs for bedroom windows

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