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Winter Window Checklist

Winter Window Checklist

How To Keep Your Windows Working This Winter

How To Keep Your Windows Working This Winter

Now that the Groundhog has seen his shadow, we can rest assured that we still have plenty of winter ahead of us.

For some, that’s depressing.

Especially if winter snuck up on you in the first place!

Often Halloween turns into Thanksgiving which turns into Christmas and then by January you were thinking “Well… winter is almost over so I’m sure everything is in good shape enough to make it to spring!”

This Utah winter has been a very cold, inverted, polluted, snowy, and icy one – and it’s still going strong. If you failed to do proper home maintenance and winterization the right step isn’t to just wait and hope for spring.

Instead, you should follow our winter checklist to ensure that your home and windows are in tip-top shape to keep you comfortable and save you money over these next 6 weeks of winter.


Winter Window Checklist

Check for Drafts

Walk carefully around your home and check for drafts on each and every window with bare hands. Be sure to check high and low, around the sides, the sash, and any other surfaces, because sometimes cracks or gaps are invisible.

Even if you’re sure you’ve never opened that window – it could be mishung, cracked, or aging in a way that is letting cold air into your home. Pay extra attention in rooms that get colder than others, or when you can hear whistling from the wind outside. Using a candle as you walk around can indicate where there is airflow, too.


If you do notice slight drafts, or you see the caulk peeling away from windows in your home, it’s actually very easy to fix yourself. Removing and reapplying fresh caulk or other sealant can help your house stay warmer and lower your utility bill.

Keep an Eye on Drains

Sometimes we see drains that get blocked with leaves, snow, or ice. They can back up, break, and even dump drainage onto a window itself. This can be hard to see in the dark, and is sometimes only visible when it’s warm enough to melt snow and ice.

Take the opportunity to walk around the outside of your home on warmer winter days and look for drainage issues before they cause serious damage.


If there aren’t drafts but you still feel cold may be seeping in through the windows, add an extra layer of insulation with DIY plastic wrap from the home improvement store. If your windows are thin and old, you may consider upgrading to double- or triple-pane windows to better insulate your home.

Layered Curtains

If you already have curtains you love, see if you can find a liner that will hang behind them to protect your home from the outside cold. If you don’t have curtains, consider adding them as an energy efficient and stylish upgrade.

We still have plenty of winter left, so don’t forget to keep your home and windows in good winter condition!


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