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Why You Should Consider Upgrading Siding

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Siding

You might have had the same siding for many years, and it shows. The wear and tear may be decreasing your home’s value, and you might not know it. Today’s blog will discuss why you should consider upgrading your siding for a makeover that can completely transform the exterior of your home. Sit back and learn about the popular options that are trending now in new siding.

Your Home’s Value

The wrong paint and siding material that’s decades-old makes your home’s exterior look aged and can affect your home’s value. If you’re in the market to sell soon or even down the road at some point, upgrading your siding can carry a good return on your investment — approximately 76 percent, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Cost Vs. Value Report.

Here are six types of siding to review that will give your home a fresh makeover.

  1. Vinyl siding: If your budget is tight, vinyl siding is one of the least costly types of siding on the market, with many styles and color options. With vinyl, you get a lightweight yet durable material that can usually be installed over existing siding, if the original layer is still in good shape. It’s also easy to maintain without much maintenance but washed with a hose when dirty. The new siding products are less prone to fading from years of sun exposure than their predecessors.
  1. Wood siding: Made from redwood or cedar, wood siding makes a statement on a home. It’s a classic, beautiful look that can add much value. When properly cared for and maintained regularly, wood is a very durable product that naturally resists decay and insect infestations. If damaged or cracked planks and shakes are ever an issue, it’s also easy to replace. You can also paint, stain, or seal wood siding, but a wood-clad house does need painting every three-to-five years to protect the siding.
  1. Fiber-cement: A popular choice of homeowners today is fiber cement siding, due to its long life expectancy and increased value to the home. The sturdy material resists insect infestation and is virtually maintenance-free. You have plank options regarding different textures that resemble stucco or stone. You can also purchase them prefinished in various colors or primed for a custom paint job.
  1. Metal siding: Although metal siding has decreased in popularity, it’s still a good option for a durable, low maintenance product. It’s lightweight so it can be quickly installed, and there are plenty of colors to choose from, with the option of pigment that is applied and baked on during manufacturing.
  1. Engineered wood siding: Just as there’s engineered flooring, there’s now the same technology with siding. It’s made of wood fibers and binding agents that make it less costly to a more expensive alternative like redwood or traditional cedar. It’s an eco-friendly product, and the siding planks resist insect infestation as well. 
  1. Brick veneer: If you don’t have a solid brick home but have always wanted that look, a brick veneer is perfect without the expense. A single layer of standard brick is built onto a wooden frame that is then anchored to the home’s exterior. A much less expensive option than solid brick is a veneer that looks just as beautiful and requires minor maintenance. It resists termites and fire too.

Ready for New Siding?

If one of these choices above sounds appealing, contact Mountain States Windows and Siding to check out our gallery of satisfied customers, or contact us for more information. We proudly serve Utah, Summit, and Salt Lake Counties.

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