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What To Do When Your Window’s Break

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When Your Window Breaks

Unfortunately at some point in your life you will have to deal with a broken window (if you haven’t already). Windows break! Even the strongest windows aren’t impervious to projectiles and random twists of fate. It’s best to understand that your windows may break eventually and to have a plan in place in case they do. Previously, we discussed the Top 3 Causes of Damaged Windows. Now, we are going to share with you what you need to do if a window breaks.

  1. Assess your house orientation and potential dangers. Are you near a baseball field, golf course, park, or other outdoor gathering place? If so you may be more at risk than you think. Be aware of which windows are more likely to get hit with balls, bats, or any other projectiles. It’s not a bad idea to contact the city, the owners of the field or course, or anyone else who may have information about liability or insurance issues if your window is broken through no fault of your own. Another thing to consider are trees, poles, or other objects that could potential fall and damage your windows. Which windows would be threatened? Just simply being aware of potential threats and dangers to your windows is a good place to start.
  2. Stay back! When a window is broken the first thing you want to do is clear everyone away from it immediately. Don’t let anyone close to it, especially not children. Not only might there be small fragments that are difficult to see, but pieces of the broken window can fall unexpectedly and break further when approached. Once everyone is removed from the area you can begin to clean up the broken window.
  3. Go from Large to Small pieces. Wearing thick protective gloves, pick up the large pieces and place them carefully in a trash bag. Once all the large pieces are clear, carefully sweep the entire area into a dustpan and empty it into the trash bag. Then run a vacuum with the detail attachment over the area to get any remaining small pieces. Finally, to get the tiniest of invisible shards and slivers, go over the area with a damp paper towel or clorox wipe. The damp surface will attract any tiny slivers and keep them from getting stuck in hands or feet.
  4. Call your trusted window company for a replacement quote. Don’t be surprised if the quote is high – replacing windows can be very expensive. Unless you’ve gone with Mountain States Windows & Siding. Not only does Mountain States Windows & Siding provide the lowest prices in Utah (including price-matching their competitors!) they also offer window replacement guarantee. You can rest assured that your broken windows will be replaced by high-quality materials and honest, efficient labor included in the cost of your original purchase. If your window company can’t offer this, you might be better off going with Mountain States Windows & Siding.
  5. Finally, keep the area free and clear until professionals can arrive to repair the window. Ask them if you need to cover the area or do anything else to protect your home. Again, Mountain States Windows & Siding will make it easy on you by rushing to your home as quickly as possible to repair a broken window before it becomes a dangerous nuisance.

Windows break. Be prepared for when they do, and make sure it won’t cost you an arm and leg by calling Mountain States Windows & Siding.

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