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What Should Your Windows Be Made Of?

What Should Your Windows Be Made Of?

Wait – they aren’t just glass? Well, they can be. But there are far more options that you need to consider. Not only do you need to take the time to figure out how you want your panes to be mounted, coated, tinted, or hung, but you also need to decide the materials for the framing. If you haven’t purchased windows in quite some time (the case for most homeowners who aren’t in the process of building or renovating a home), you may not even be aware that this many options exist! Some of them are cosmetic, while some are for energy or climate purposes.

Do not just make the first choice that is presented to you. And don’t pick a window just because it looks nice or matches your home. Matching is the easy part! It’s more important to assess your needs and choose a type of window that will work for you and your family.


Metal – this was a popular choice in the past because it was cheap and easy to use. However metal is a rapid heat conductor, which means hot and cold weather can transfer inside.

Fiberglass – a more modern choice, fiberglass is probably the best insulated because it has gaps that are filled with foam insulation.

Vinyl – vinyl is a popular option because it can be any color, style, or design you choose. They can resist sun damage and moisture very effectively.

Glaze & Glass

Gas Filler – often gases can be injected into the space between panes to increase the insulation of glass windows. This can make your home more energy efficient.

Tint – a popular option for windows that are in direct sunlight, tint can absorb heat and prevent it from warming your home unnecessarily. This can be applied on the outside of almost any window to absorb and/or reflect the sun’s rays.

Insulation – a chemically created sheet can be applied to the inside or outside of your windows to provide an extra layer of resistance against the outside elements. It can help your home become more energy efficient by allowing your AC unit to work a little easier without the temperature swings.

Depending on your home, budget, climate, and other factors you may find that a certain style of window works best for you. Often families need different types of windows on different areas of their home. If you need help deciding which types of windows you need – call Mountain States Windows & Siding today for expert help that you can trust.

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