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What Kind of Window is Best for Me?


Windows often surprise homeowners, builders, and renovators. They’re surprised at just how many options are available, especially when it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between the different types. Windows come in all different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, materials, and more. It can be overwhelming when you’re looking at all of the options and you’re unsure of exactly what you might need. We’re here today to help you determine which type of window is best for your needs.

Energy Efficient
The biggest changes in the world of windows have come in terms of energy efficiency. The push today is for windows that can perform their function while also operating with peak energy efficiency. They protect the temperature of your home, resisting outside forces and providing more complete insulation for what’s inside. You can check for energy efficiency by looking for Energy Star labels or researching the Energy Star program online.

If you live a quiet life, you may not be very concerned about windows breaking. If you have young children or live in a busy neighborhood, you may be more concerned about durability. Fiberglass is an option growing in popularity for its durability. You may also consider multiple paned windows for extra layers of protection and durability. Ask a consultant at Mountain States Windows & Siding about differing options in durability and how you can find the best one for you.

Do you want to open these windows for a cool breeze? Does one side of your house have a stunning view that you’d rather not be impeded? Would you prefer an accent window that doesn’t show too much of the interior of your house? The functionality of your windows is important, and there are a lot of options to help you have the best windows for what you need. Sashes, or no sashes. Awnings or no awnings. Open windows or view-only. You can find a window for any situation or need.

Of course price is a huge factor in determining which windows you choose. Come in with a budget in mind, and at Mountain States Windows & Siding we can help you find windows to meet the other categories while staying within the budget you’ve set. Watching your wallet doesn’t mean you can’t get beautiful and functional windows for your home or business.


A consultation is the best way to determine your needs and begin sorting through the wide variety of options available to you. Call Mountain States Windows and Siding today to find the perfect situation for you window needs.

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