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What Is Stucco Siding?

Most popular Types of siding

Stucco siding isn’t new.

Ancient civilization used versions of stucco in their primitive homes, and people have been using them for their dwellings ever since.

And it’s for good reason! Stucco is one of the most friendly and functional materials for siding, and it’s come a long, long way since those ancient civilizations. In fact, stucco has come a long way from the 80s style stucco that you’re sick of seeing all over town.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is a mix of cement, sand, and water that is poured over a wire frame. It dries into a very durable and strong mixture, and the final product can be smooth or rough depending on your taste.

Benefits of Stucco

Stucco is incredibly durable. It can hold up over time, even when exposed to serious elements. Usually the life of stucco siding is around 50 years before refinishing or replacement, which means most of the homeowners choosing stucco will only have to replace their stucco once in their lifetime – or possibly not at all.

Another huge benefit of stucco that has made it a popular choice for centuries is that it’s fire-resistant. One of the best things about stucco is that it’s very affordable, especially when compared to rock, wood, and other material alternatives. Finally, Stucco is airtight and is generally very effective insulation. It can improve your utility bill and prevent you from losing expensive air conditioning.

Disadvantages of Stucco

One of the only drawbacks of choosing stucco is that it doesn’t fare quite as well in a damp climate and can be rigid and brittle after it dries. If you live in an area with soft soil or experience an earthquake, you may experience cracking that will need some repair.

Stucco Options

Stucco provides you plenty of options. The color can be customized to any color or design scheme you need.

The finish can also be customized for your taste – smooth, textured, with special inlays, patterns, or a few other options depending on your stucco provider. Gone are the days of tacky, thick taupe stucco. Hello beautiful, customized siding that is also affordable!

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home or simply updating your siding to improve energy efficiency of insulation, consider stucco siding. Mountain States Windows & Siding can offer you plenty of stucco options to meet the needs of your home while also fitting well within your budget.

They can customize the color, texture, and shape of your stucco siding, and provide the stress-free service you need from a trustworthy local company. Call or contact them today for a free consultation!

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