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What Can I Put on Windows to Keep the Cold Out?

What Can I Put on Windows to Keep the Cold Out?
It’s that time of year that homeowners start to wonder about their home’s energy efficiency and if they’re losing heat through their windows.  Perhaps it’s a skyrocketing utility bill, or maybe they’re just tired of their wife complaining about being cold even though the heat has been on all day. Some homeowners may notice that their living room (which features beautiful viewpoint windows) is always chilly due to poor insulation, or that their desk against the window leaves them frozen.  We field the questions “Can I do something about this? What can I put on my windows to keep the cold out?” often, so today we’re breaking down some options for warming up your home—starting with your windows. 

6 Things to Add to Windows to Keep out Cold

You might want to experiment with different combinations to find what will help keep your home the coziest without sacrificing ventilation or functionality of your windows. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 
  1. Caulking. You should already have some caulking around your window frames, and a quick inspection can help you see where the caulk is peeling or separating. Look specifically to windows where you feel a draft or feel like you can hear outside. Even if there is caulk, an extra layer can provide better insulation. 
  2. Weather Stripping. Similar to caulk, the weather stripping along the moving edges of windows can separate, get brittle, or even twist completely out of position. Adding new weatherstripping is a very easy project even a novice can accomplish. 
  3. Insulating Curtains. Thick and lined curtains have been designed for the express purpose of keeping the outside weather from affecting your level of comfort indoors. In the summertime, you might use a curtain that is reflectively lined to keep the sun’s rays from warming your home unnecessarily. In the winter, insulating curtains will prevent cold temperatures and drafts from seeping into living areas. If you already have curtains you love, you can easily find liners that clip onto the interior of your curtain or slip onto a double rod. 
  4. Secondary Glazing. Glazing or coating your windows are a popular choice, especially for older homes. Glazing coats the interior of your windows for stronger insulation against the elements and allows for the total functionality of your windows. You can open and close them at will, and your view will not be compromised. 
  5. Draft Snakes. If you need a temporary and cheap solution to drafty window sills—you can easily make or purchase inexpensive draft snakes. These fabric “snakes” are filled with cotton, rice, or beans and will lay against the base of a window to block drafts from seeping into your home. 
  6. Insulation Tape. If your windows are never used, or at least won’t be used during the cold weather months, you can get insulation tape which will easily adhere to the seams of your windows, effectively sealing them against the cold weather outside. 

Too Cold? Call Mountain States Windows & Siding

If you’re experiencing drafty windows or excessive chilliness, let us see what we can do to make your windows a stronger barrier against the cold. We serve all of Utah County, from Lehi down to Orem and Provo.

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