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What Can I Do To My Windows To Reduce Summer Heat?

What Can I Do To My Windows To Reduce Summer Heat?

Summer is here, although it may not seem like it some days. Soon enough, 90s and 100s will be commonplace for a few months, so what’s the best way to keep heat out and cool in?

Scroll down to discover what you can do to your windows to help keep your home cool and your energy costs down.

Easy Ways of Cooling Your Home in Summer Heat

Most of these following ways of keeping your home cool can be done DIY, so if you’re into that type of thing, this is right up your alley. Here are five ways from energy.gov to keep your home cool this summer and save money.

  1. Operable Window Coverings. Because they are flexible and allow you to either keep them open or closed, operable window coverings allow you privacy, maximized natural light, and reduced heat gain in the summer. Options include blinds, shades, curtains, draperies, and some shutters. A study found that about 75 percent of window coverings remain in a fixed position all day. If this describes your home, consider which coverings you open in the morning and adjust accordingly. You may want to keep some windows closed to reduce heat. To get natural light, open coverings that don’t get direct sunlight.
  1. Insulated Cellular Shades. An accordion-like design, these types of cellular shades fold up and the top of the window usually. They can be on the bottom too. They contain one or more air layers with a honeycomb cross-section. They’re great for reducing your energy output while adding privacy, comfort, and an increased home resale value. For summertime, it can reduce solar heat through windows by a whopping 80 percent. This reduces the total solar gain to 15 percent or less when tightly fit. Some of these shades can be automated, which allows them to be set on a schedule.
  1. Window Quilts. A sheet of quilted material that opens and closes by a rolling mechanism. They are fit snuggly and usually costs less and offers R-value increases akin to the cellular shades. 
  1. Roller or Roman Shades. Inexpensive shades, roller shades are fitted at the top of the window and rolls down. They are fabric window shades that fold into evenly stacked folds when lowered or raised. They fit into the window casing, or just outside, and come in various fabrics, colors, and weaves. You can better thermal performance with heavier fabrics. The con is they offer only a small amount of insulation, but are most effective in privacy and blocking sunlight.
  1. Blinds. Window blinds (vertical or horizontal slats) can be adjusted to control light, glare, and solar heat gain more effectively. Blinds are lowered and closed entirely on a sunny window. Horizontal blinds can block and reflect direct sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling, which diffuses the light without much glare or heat, but still allows you to get natural daylighting. 

Need Window Replacement?

If your windows are old and deteriorating or the seals are broken, it may be time to replace them. At Mountain States Windows and Siding, we have various options you can choose from that includes high-quality and durable windows. Visit our gallery or contact us for more information. We serve Utah and Salt Lake County, along with Park City.

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