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What are Triple Pane Windows?

What are Triple Pane Windows?

When starting a conversation about home energy savings, triple pane windows is one subject that is bound to surface. 

While double pane windows are standard in today’s modern homes, read on to find out what a triple pane window is, and why it is increasing in popularity.

What is a Triple Pane Window?

The piece of glass within a window is called the pane. A single pane window has only one piece of glass, while a double pane window contains two. The space in between the two panes is usually filled with an insulating inert gas, such as argon or krypton. This gas acts as insulation and increases the window’s energy efficiency. A triple pane window is the same concept, but with three panes of glass: two outer panes and a third pane sandwiched between them. There are two spaces on either side of the middle pane, providing greater energy efficiency and insulation.

The Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

Like insulation in a wall, layered window panes help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer heat. This is important in places like Utah, where the weather can vary between extremes of hot and cold. While double pane windows provide excellent insulation from these temperature changes, triple pane ones offer even greater protection. Additionally, the third pane creates another layer for Low E coating, increasing the window’s U Factor–this translates to savings on your home energy costs. 

The added insulation of a triple pane window also reduces outside noise pollution, such as from nearby traffic, pets, or white noise. 

Another benefit of these windows is greater resistance to condensation. Much like a cold glass of water in a warm environment will accumulate beads of condensation, a single pane of glass will allow moisture to build upon the inside of the window. The triple layers of glass and argon gas in a triple pane window act as a buffer to the outer elements, and help prevent moisture from entering the inside of your home. No moisture means no mold or mildew, keeping your home cleaner and safer.

Safety is another factor when it comes to these windows. The extra layer of glass makes the window harder to break, which makes for better protection from the wayward baseball, a potential break-in, or even an earthquake.

Should You Use These Windows in Your Home?

Most modern homes have double pane windows, so you will need to either choose to upgrade to triple pane ones, or replace older windows in an existing home. While these windows’ energy efficiency is proven, it may take 15-25 years to see the savings on your home, depending on the cost of installing or replacing your windows. At the same time, these windows can add to the value of your home, offsetting the extra expense of installation. Homes in extremely cold climates will greatly benefit from the additional warmth and comfort that these windows provide. 

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