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What are the Best Wood Siding Types?

What are the Best Wood Siding Types?

There are a myriad of options when it comes to your home’s exterior finishes, but what are the best wood siding choices?

Here’s a brief overview of the different kinds of wood siding and how they’re used.

Information on Wood Siding

Wood is a natural resource and has been used on house exteriors for hundreds of years. With proper care and maintenance, wood siding can last as long as 100 years! The durability and timelessness of this material makes it a popular choice for many traditional-style homes. It’s also one of the greener options when it comes to materials, as wood is a renewable resource. Some wood is even reclaimed from older buildings and reused, giving new life to the same material. Additionally, wood siding is much easier to repair than other materials, as individual pieces can be removed and replaced as needed.

Styles of Wood Siding

Wood siding is applied in 3 main styles: horizontal (also called cladding, clapboard, bevel, or lap), vertical (such as board and batten), and shake or shingle. Bevel is one of the oldest types of wood siding, and it’s produced by cutting a board at an angle so that the boards can then be placed overlapping each other. Board and batten were historically used mostly for barns, as it allowed the wood to expand and shrink a little more flexibly. Shingles are more uniform in size and shape and are smoother in texture than shakes.

Wood Species Used for Siding

These are the most commonly used types of wood when it comes to siding:

  • Pine, fir, and spruce are all similar and softwoods. Less expensive, but it can be difficult to find pine long enough without knots. Pine takes paint well and is a good choice for clapboards. It can be prone to cupping and splitting and needs to be sealed to help resist moisture.
  • Cedar has a beautiful grain and is naturally rot-resistant. It makes a great choice for shakes and shingles because it resists swelling and cups and splits less than the other woods. Although it’s rot-resistant and less prone to insect damage, it must be maintained through regular staining and sealing to retain these qualities.
  • Redwood has a rich texture and natural tone, and works great in all climates, making it one of the best wood siding types. Like cedar, it’s naturally rot-resistant and even more resistant to insects. It takes a finish very well due to having less pitch or resin.


The price of wood depends on a few factors. Often, woods like redwood are bought up in their regional market, and so they’re harder to come by in the East. Some wood species take much longer to grow, creating a less available supply than other faster growing varieties. Ultimately, at $7-14 per square foot, wood siding isn’t the most affordable option, especially given the higher cost of maintenance. You’ll need to factor in the cost of reapplying a clear finish every 2-5 years or paint every 5-7 years, which can add up. For some people, it may be worth the investment to achieve the traditional, timeless look they’re after. Luckily, there are other high-quality options to look into.

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