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Vinyl Siding, Everything You Need to Know

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Oh, vinyl siding.

A staple of the 80s in a variety of forms, vinyl is a versatile and common material. Just the word can make some cringe, conjuring up images of tacky home design or brightly colored decor.

However, vinyl siding has taken a turn for the better. Gone are thick and cheap looking vinyl products. Instead, vinyl siding is making homes look newer, cleaner, and more expensive.

As with any home update or construction plan, you’ll want to carefully research all your options and speak with an expert to be sure you’re getting the best possible materials for your home and family’s needs.

We’re here to give you some information and ideas for vinyl siding for your home or business. The benefits are real!


The primary reason that vinyl siding is #1 in the nation year after year is because of the price point. Vinyl siding is so much more affordable than wood, stone, and other trendy materials, while offering many of the same benefits.


Every single brand and style of vinyl siding undergoes rigorous testing to pass safety standards. Vinyl siding can withstand the hottest climates, long frozen winters, and winds over 100 MPH. It can hold up to very extreme weather and conditions.


Vinyl siding resists color fade, water damage, rot, warping, and other problems that are common as your home ages. Vinyl siding holds its original color, texture, and value better than wood, stone, or other options.

Energy Efficiency

Do you know how much energy, heat, and air conditioning you lose through your walls? It’s a lot, unfortunately. Vinyl siding is incredibly energy efficient. Vinyl siding covers the surface of your home’s exterior, providing an extra layer of impenetrable insulation to keep your home more energy efficient and save you money in the long run as your utility bills decrease.


Vinyl Siding isn’t just a chunk of shiny plastic anymore. Now you can choose from unlimited colors, textures, orientations, patterns, and more. There are vinyl siding options that look like wood, brick, stone, scales, Dutchlap, and many other options. This is another reason vinyl siding has remained popular over time – it has evolved to compete with the more expensive and trendy siding options for homes across the nation.

Low Maintenance

A regular cleaning with some soap, a sponge, and your garden hose will keep vinyl siding looking fresh. There’s no need for expensive maintenance and updating, or worry about parasite damage. Vinyl siding is a great way to fix-and-forget-it.

If you’re interested in vinyl siding for your home or business, call or contact the experts at Mountain States Windows & Siding to see what kind of options might work for you!


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