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Vinyl Siding Damage: Repair or Replace

Vinyl Siding Damage: Repair or Replace
The siding that covers the exterior of your home protects it from the elements and makes your home look beautiful. Yet, over time, your vinyl siding can get damaged. Now that winter is gone, and even though we may get a few more cold days, it’s time to inspect your siding. Scroll down to see if any damage can be repaired or requires replacing.

Vinyl Siding Damage

You’ve noticed that your siding expands and contracts when your vinyl siding starts crackling due to the temperatures fluctuating. This is why it’s important that your contractor nailed the siding to the fasteners, not too tightly. If you’re able to move the panels horizontally about half an inch or so, you know the siding was installed correctly. If not, it’s best to contact a technician for vinyl side repair. Also, if the siding is nailed too tight, it will start to warp or buckle. There’s also a chance that the nails could pop to create bulges. Here are other possible damages to siding to be aware of and whether they need repairing or replacing.

Water Damage

If you notice gray, white, or black spots on your vinyl siding, it could be a sign of mold and mildew from water damage. In this case, contact a professional immediately. A siding contractor can power wash the siding to blast away the mold and mildew.

Grill or Other Heat Source

When summertime comes, you’re probably doing more grilling and barbecuing, however, did you know that heat can damage your vinyl siding? The heat that emanates from your grill can cause your siding material to melt. It’s important, therefore, to check your siding at the end of summer. Melted siding can also sometimes be the result of the UV rays from your neighbor’s high-efficiency windows. If you have melted siding, it’s best to replace the affected siding boards.

Insect Damage

Although rare, insects can live underneath your house siding. If you have rotting wood, termites will especially seek out the area. Regularly maintaining your siding enables you to check for termites, which includes taking a screwdriver and gently pushing the tip against your siding. If the screwdriver tip effortlessly shoves into the siding, you likely have termites. Getting a professional inspection will determine when you should replace the siding—after getting rid of the insects if needed. 

Structural Damage

Old buildings settle over the years, so if your home is older, it may have had damage due to the settling; this creates bulges or buckling in your siding. Consider contacting a structural engineer to assess the damage and then contact an expert to repair the damaged siding.

Have Vinyl Siding Damage? Contact Us

Vinyl siding damage will only get worse if it’s not repaired or replaced. Contact our siding experts to inspect your home and offer options that fit your needs and budget. We serve Lehi and surrounding areas of Utah and can request an estimate here.

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