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Vinyl Siding – An Energy Efficient Choice

Home Siding: 2021 Top Vinyl Siding Trends

Our generation is the proud face of energy efficiency and environmental progress. We have enjoyed incredible advancements in making our homes, transportation, industry, and products more environmentally friendly. And we have found solutions in some of the most common places.

Recently there has been more talk of moving our homes towards being more energy efficient. If we can use less power and energy to build and maintain our homes it will make a big difference in the environment, not to mention save us all a lot of money and time. People are investing in solar panels, keeping all of their doors and windows shut, switching to energy efficient light bulbs and turning off every appliance in their home. But there’s one area we often overlook – our walls.

Sure, there’s insulation behind that drywall, and it’s supposed to keep the hot or cold weather outside and maintain the air conditioning or heat within your home. However, there are gaps in your insulation with each stud in your walls. Up to 25% of your home’s walls are made up of studs, so 25% of your home is uninsulated. Heat and cold can directly transfer through your walls when the studs act as a “thermal bridge,” meaning the are almost as bad as an open window at times.

Not only does this mean your house is leeching in heat in the summertime, and icy chill in the wintertime – but you’re also paying much, much more money for your heating and air conditioning to try to counteract this lack of insulation. What a waste of energy and money!

Solve Your Energy Problems With Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the answer. By adding vinyl siding to the exterior of your home you can increase your insulation and energy efficiency up to 25% on average. Vinyl siding adds another layer of protection and insulation, unbroken by studs or other structural features, that will protect your home and give your heating and ac unit a bit of a break.

But isn’t vinyl siding ugly? Absolutely not. Vinyl siding has come a long way since the 70s, siding looks beautiful, and now you have unlimited options from which to choose. There are faux wood, brick, and stone options. There are more color options than you could even imagine. Vinyl siding can be matched to any style or design of home in the blink of an eye.

Another nice feature of vinyl siding is that you can easily add it to existing homes, without a complicated or expensive remodel. If your home is older, or you suspect you may have insulation problems, adding vinyl siding is a simple step. Mountain States Windows & Siding will offer a free consultation, show you plenty of vinyl siding options, and install your beautiful new home exterior at an affordable price. Many people choose vinyl siding not for the insulation benefits, but just because they want to give their home a well-deserved facelift.

Finally, adding vinyl siding increases the value of your home by keeping it insulated, further protected from extreme weather or storms, and improving the exterior look and curb appeal of your home. Check out options for vinyl siding today and contact us for a free quote!


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