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Vinyl House Siding Pros and Cons

Vinyl House Siding Pros And Cons

If you are considering vinyl house siding for your exterior building materials, it is important to know the pros and cons.

Being a property owner means making a lot of decisions about the house. If you’re building the house from the ground up, that means you’ll be making even more choices between flooring types, paint colors, roofing materials, windows, and seemingly countless other decisions. 

As you make these choices, it’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each and every decision you make. After all, it’s your hard-earned money you’re spending! 

A lot of time will go towards making exciting selections for the interiors of your home, but a big portion will be dedicated to the exteriors. In fact, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what material will be used on your exterior walls. But before you make any sure decisions, it’s imperative that homeowners understand the benefits and drawbacks of the various building materials and weigh their pros and cons.

A popular exterior building material among property owners is vinyl house siding, and today, we’re looking at its advantages as well as its disadvantages. There are many reasons why it is a common choice, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some drawbacks, and we’re outlining it all.

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What is Vinyl House Siding?

What is Vinyl House Siding?

First things first, let’s talk about vinyl siding. Siding, also referred to in the industry as wall cladding, is a protective outer layer of a home or business. Like a warm, weatherproof coat someone would wear in cold temperatures, siding helps protect a building from the harsh elements. Without it, the structure is extremely vulnerable. 

Siding is a house’s first line of defense against animals, weather, and various other environmental factors. An effective option and one of the most popular types of siding is made from vinyl, and below, you’ll find the pros and cons of the material. The right vinyl siding installation is key and will keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe.

7 Major Pros of Vinyl House Siding

There are so many reasons why countless property owners choose vinyl house siding for their exteriors. Here are just seven of the seemingly countless advantages of the material and what makes it so popular:

1. Vinyl House Siding is Highly Affordable

Property owners gravitate towards vinyl house siding over other building materials because of how cost-effective it is. Vinyl costs so much less than other options, such as wood shakes or brick. Your initial purchase and installation cost significantly less, and long-term care, maintenance, and repairs are shockingly affordable.

For example, wood siding is a lot more susceptible to various types of damage than vinyl house siding and requires a lot more maintenance, all for a more costly investment. If your vinyl house siding is damaged and, for whatever reason, you have to pay for the repairs (i.e., your warranty was somehow voided), properties wrapped in siding made from vinyl are much less expensive to fix.

2. Vinyl House Siding is Extremely Low Maintenance

When deciding which exterior building material you want to use for your property, it’s smart to consider how much time, attention, money, and maintenance it requires. Among all of the exterior material options, vinyl house siding is one of the lowest maintenance choices. It requires next to no work and upkeep to keep it looking great.

Once your vinyl siding installation is complete, you are good to go.

It almost feels like you do not need to budget for any maintenance costs over the next few decades because of how low maintenance it truly is. The only things you’ll need to do are clean it a couple of times each year (an easy DIY weekend project) and conduct regular inspections to ensure no damage is incurred.

Even more low-maintenance perks of vinyl house siding include:

  • No painting of the exteriors of your property. Ever!
  • It does not require caulking.
  • It is virtually indestructible (more on that below).

3. Vinyl House Siding is Highly Durable

Another reason property owners across the nation gravitate towards this material is that it is ultra-durable. It is built to withstand large amounts of moisture and resist constant exposure to harsh elements like wind, rain, and heavy snowfall. It is also resistant to corrosion, rot, and pests.

Vinyl house siding is also resistant to warping or rusting. Vinyl house siding installs typically come with a warranty to back up its claims; in some cases, it may even be a lifetime warranty! So even if it doesn’t live up to its guarantees — which it rarely fails — property owners can rest easy knowing they always have that warranty to fall back on if necessary.

4. Vinyl House Siding Can Help Cut Utility Bill Costs

Not only does selecting vinyl house siding for your property save you money upfront and down the line with maintenance costs, but it can also help save your hard-earned dollars on heating and cooling your house. Poorly insulated properties have higher utility bills than structures with decent insulation. 

Exterior building materials play a critical role in your home’s insulation and overall comfortability. Adding insulated vinyl house siding to your property is like spreading a nice, warm, and protective blanket over the entirety of your house. This means you can enjoy a warmer home in the winter months and a cooler house come summertime. Your HVAC system (and wallet) will thank you!

Another point to take note of is that insulated vinyl house siding is an eco-friendly option, and its use on your property could make you eligible for energy credits on taxes, further cutting down on the money you have to spend.

5. Vinyl House Siding Install Improves Curb Appeal

Installing modern vinyl house siding will instantly improve the way your house looks, thus boosting your curb appeal. When you improve the exterior of your property, your home’s overall value improves, too! If you want your house to be the best-looking one on the block, make sure to opt for vinyl house siding.

Updating the exterior of your house can feel stressful and overwhelming, but the benefits you’ll experience and quickly see are well worth the figurative and literal cost. Vinyl house siding is an investment you’ll see an immediate return on!

If selling your house (now or down the line) is a potential, curb appeal is critical. Those in the real estate world know that most buyers will only look inside a house if they like how the outside looks. Vinyl house siding is a surefire way to improve the look of your home and get those potential buyers interested.

6. Vinyl House Siding is Shockingly Versatile

An awesome and exciting feature that vinyl house siding boasts is that it can be made to look like other types of building materials. Today’s siding is surprisingly convincing, so much so that most people can’t spot the difference.

Vinyl house siding is a great design element. Property owners can enjoy the benefits and super quality of siding made from vinyl without losing out on how their exteriors look. Vinyl house siding comes in nearly every shape, color, and texture. You can even find options that look like real wood, stone, and more!

7. Vinyl House Siding is Easy to Install

Vinyl house siding installations are extremely easy for professionals, especially when you compare them to the alternatives. This means property owners can save time and money by opting for siding made from vinyl.

Vinyl house siding is not heavy and comes with pre-drilled holes, making the installation process quick and simple. Other types of siding have longer, tedious, and challenging installation processes, so if you want something quick and painless, vinyl is the best way to go.

3 Cons of Vinyl House Siding

3 Cons of Vinyl House Siding

While vinyl house siding offers many perks, it does come with a few drawbacks that property owners need to consider. Here are a few to keep in mind while making your exterior building materials decisions:

Thankfully, this potential issue is easily avoidable by hiring the right company. Not all vinyl siding installers are created equally. The unfortunate truth is that this is a reality in just about every profession out there. Some doctors are far better than others, some plumbers skip corners, while others go above and beyond, and so on.

The people you hire to do your vinyl house siding installation are no different. Make sure you go with a reputable and trusted company. Maybe this doesn’t count so much as a “con” but as something property owners need to be aware of. This fact shouldn’t scare you away from selecting vinyl house siding, but it is definitely something you should understand.

The good news is, if you’re in Northern Utah, Mountain States Windows & Siding is a company you can trust to handle your vinyl siding installation.

Need Vinyl House Siding? Let Mountain States Windows & Siding!

Need Vinyl House Siding? Let Mountain States Windows & Siding!

If you want vinyl house siding for your property, contact the trusted professionals at Mountain States Windows & Siding.

Whether you’re upgrading your current property or building a new home, vinyl house siding is a great option for your house. Old siding and various other types of building materials are less efficient, less effective, and will cost you a lot more money. If you want to improve the look and functionality of your house, our reputable team is here to help.

Anyone who has worked with our team will tell you that we stand behind our work and the products we use. When it comes to home remodeling (we remodel kitchens and bathrooms, too!) and new builds, we understand that property owners want a highly qualified and professional company to make their dreams come true. Mountain States is that type of company.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional and transparent service. We will always be honest and upfront about each of our processes and every accompanying cost along the way. We are also dedicated to staying within your budget. 

We only use high-quality materials and products that are sure to improve your property’s value and the way it looks and functions. When you choose Mountain States, you’re sure to receive premium, friendly, and honest service with a smile.

We service homes and businesses along the Wasatch Front, so if you live in Salt Lake City, Park City, Lehi, West Jordan, Payson, or a nearby city in Northern Utah, contact the Mountain States Window & Siding team today.

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