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Using Vinyl Siding For Your “Fixer Upper”

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Fixer Upper has taken the world by storm, and quickly become one of the most popular home improvement programs of all time. There’s something so magical and satisfying about watching a run-down old heap turn into something fresh, new and useful. Some of the fixer upper properties had absolutely no shot at being bought or lived in, but after some rehabilitation and an eye for the end result they become beautiful houses and more importantly – homes.

Fixer Upper has become an inspiration to property owners around the country. There is hope for your old, worn out, dilapidated property! It may take some work, but functional change is possible. If you own a deserted family property in need of a major remodel, or your home is sadly out of date and you can’t or don’t want to move – you can now see these homes as your own personal fixer uppers! And the first place you should turn is to vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding

The exterior of your house is absolutely critical to address first. The exterior of your home indicates age and style before anything else, and it’s the least likely to be maintained or updated. Think about it – the interior of your home has probably gone through furniture, decor, paint, and design changes since being built, but the exterior probably hasn’t. Updating the exterior of your home is the fastest way to make a major change and to introduce your home to this century. If you’re hoping to sell your home then upgrading to vinyl siding is crucial for curb appeal.

Another good reason to use vinyl siding for your fixer upper is that it can correct the structural flaws and hazards that are often found in older or forgotten properties. Mold, cracks, holes, lead based paint, and other problems can be stripped away from the exterior of your home in a day or two. Then insulation, foam spray, sheetrock, and other sealant techniques can be used to ensure that your home is carefully protected and well-insulated before adding the vinyl siding.

The final reason you should use vinyl siding for your fixer upper is that vinyl siding is so affordable. The bang for your buck is tremendous. You have hundreds of options when it comes to styles, textures, and colors. Not to mention vinyl siding comes at the fraction of the cost of real brick, stone, wood, or other options. The added benefit is that vinyl siding provides extra insulation, keeping your home as warm or cool as you want without overworking your AC system.

Vinyl siding is the fastest and most cost-effective way to begin transforming your fixer upper from a dump to a dream palace. In a matter or days you can completely update the old and worn out exterior of your home, giving it a sleek, modern, and safe new face.

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