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Using Vinegar For Squeaky Clean Windows in 2020

Using Vinegar For Squeaky Clean Windows in 2020

Winter is murder on your windows—at least on the exterior ones. Snow, dirt, and grime stick to windows like bees to honey, making them look dull. Brighten up the holidays with clean, sparkling windows and enjoy your view of snow-capped mountains and falling snow for the upcoming long winter. Stay tuned to learn why vinegar is the perfect, natural solution for getting your windows clean for the new year.


Clean Windows with Vinegar 

Using natural ingredients to get your windows clean not only saves money but is better for your health and the environment. Because it’s completely non-toxic, antibacterial, and it won’t streak, vinegar is the top choice for cleaning your windows. It’s much more economical than harsh window cleaners, and if you have children or pets, you can count on vinegar to keep them safe from hazardous chemicals.

Vinegar contains an acidic composition that acts quickly to break down the filmy look on your windows. It naturally cleans the glass surfaces and keeps them streak-free.


Vinegar Window Washing Recipes

It doesn’t take much to make your own vinegar window cleaning solution. It only takes two ingredients: water and vinegar. 

  • Mix one part hot water to one part distilled vinegar. 
  • Moisten the window, using the solution, and then clean if using a sponge
  • If using a squeegee, dampen it first and clean from top to bottom, wiping the edge of the squeegee after every stroke.
  • Ensure there’s no direct sun on the windows when you clean.
  • Immediately rinse and dry the window frames to avoid any damage.

If you have incredibly grimy glass, prewash with soapy water, then use the vinegar spray. If you have particularly stubborn spots, rub hard with a cloth dipped in vinegar only, using one c. full white vinegar; warm up the solution, and then apply directly on the glass.

Another recipe that helps with streaking involves using vinegar, water, and dishwashing detergent. You’ll need 2 c. water, ¼ c. white vinegar, and ½ tsp. dishwashing detergent or liquid. Combine in a spray bottle, then spray and clean. You can also use 1 c. water to 1 c. vinegar; combine these ingredients in a spray bottle and clean.

Best Wipes to Use

There are several wipes you can use, from just plain paper towels, newspaper, or microfiber cloths. Whatever you use, ensure it’s lint-free. Squeegees do the job better but may be a little awkward, especially for smaller windows.

As you can see, vinegar is great for cleaning your windows, both inside and out. You can also use it on your blinds, light fixtures, to unclog drains, and more.


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