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Top 3 Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Top 3 Benefits of Vinyl Siding for Your Home

If you are looking to increase curb appeal, you may be considering vinyl siding for your home improvement project.

This siding option is increasing in popularity, and there are plenty of reasons why. As you consider the various choices of siding for your home, here are the top 3 benefits of vinyl.


Vinyl Siding is Versatile

Unlike other siding materials that have a coating of color on the exterior, vinyl has the color “baked in”. This means you never need to paint it–or worry about scraping, patching, priming to prepare for painting. The color of the vinyl is homogenous throughout the material, so it will not peel or show chips, flakes, or scratches. In the past, there were few color options for vinyl siding, and they tended to be only beiges or whites.

The industry continues to make improvements, including providing standards for color retention in vinyl products. What this means for you as the homeowner is that there are more colors of vinyl siding available than ever before, and they will resist fading dimming better than before. Nearly any color, texture, profile, or style that you could want is available in vinyl.


Vinyl Siding is Inexpensive

Of all the materials you can choose from to cover the sides of your home, vinyl is a very cost-effective choice. Other materials, such as fiber-cement siding, can cost anywhere from two to four times as much as a comparable vinyl siding, and that is for materials alone. Vinyl is very easy and fast to install, which also cuts down on installation costs. Vinyl siding for your home is a great investment as well.

According to the 2020 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling, the average ROI for vinyl siding replacement was a whopping 74.7%! Another way in which the cost of vinyl siding installation is offset is in energy savings. Replacing your home’s siding with vinyl could increase its energy efficiency, and may qualify you for tax incentives in your state. Energy efficiency puts money back in your pocket over the long term in reduced heating and cooling costs.


Vinyl Siding is Low-Maintenance

It is hard to find an easier product to work with when it comes to durability and maintenance. Legitimately the only maintenance you’ll need to provide is a yearly cleaning, which can be done with a garden hose. Debris, dirt, dust, cobwebs, and the like are easily removed with water. You won’t need to touch up paint, or worry about rotting wood or insect damage. Vinyl is also extremely durable and dent-resistant, and can handle all kinds of extreme weather conditions without looking worse for wear.


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