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 Tips for Caring for Your Vinyl Siding

Tips for Caring for Your Vinyl Siding

When it comes to maintaining and caring for your vinyl siding, what you don’t do is often just as important as what you do do.

Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials today. It is used on more than 30 to 40% of all home renovations and new construction properties. Like many things, vinyl has come a long way in terms of function. Early issues have been addressed, and significant improvements have been made that have put this material option near the top of the list for property owners.

When vinyl was first used for siding in the 1950s, it was prone to warping and cracking. Thanks to re-engineering nearly two decades later, the product was made weatherproof, fade-resistant, and insect-proof. Under normal conditions, the material became virtually indestructible. Some siding can even resist wind speeds more than 200 miles per hour. 

But even though this product is incredibly durable, it still requires care and maintenance every year. A little annual TLC can keep your siding looking great for years and years to come.

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5 Tips for Caring For and Maintaining Your Vinyl Siding

Once you have vinyl siding, it’s important to protect your investment and take good care of it to function and look its best. Here are five things you should avoid:

1.Avoid Painting Vinyl Siding

Some homeowners think painting their siding is a good way to keep it looking bright and fresh or an easy and fast way to change the color of your property. However, it’s not a good idea and can harm your vinyl and its aesthetics in the long run. This material expands and contracts as outdoor temperatures change, which can lead to the added paint peeling and cracking. 

Moreover, painting your vinyl can affect its longevity and can result in premature warping and deterioration. High-quality vinyl is built to hold its color for a long time and shouldn’t discolor or fade unevenly. 

2.Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals on Your Vinyl Siding

The exteriors of your property, specifically your siding, are exposed to the elements day in and day out, and over time, they can get dirty and become discolored.
Dust, dirt, cobwebs, pollen, mold, mildew, stains, and all sorts of other debris can leave unsightly buildup and residue that detract from your curb appeal and result in a tired and untidy looking exterior. Your home exteriors require regular cleaning to keep them looking and functioning their best. 

But not all cleaning solutions are safe to use on your siding. It’s best to avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners that contain bleach, solvents, and other intense ingredients.
Products containing these ingredients could damage your siding by stripping, discoloring, dissolving, and decomposing its surface. When cleaning your vinyl, it’s best to stick to water. Use gentler products, such as dish soap, if you need a degreaser.

3.Avoid Using Abrasive Tools and Materials on Your Vinyl Siding Exterior

Wire brushes, paint scrapers, and steel wool have their place, but getting stubborn dirt and stains off your siding is not one of them since the results can be damaging. These tools and materials can leave permanent marks and scratches, cause colors to fade and discolor, expose layers to the weather, and even puncture your siding.

When cleaning your siding, all hard, stiff, and abrasive materials or tools should be used. Even though using a little good, old-fashioned elbow grease and a soft rag or sponge requires more time and effort, it’s worth it! 

4.Avoid Using a Power Washer on Vinyl Siding 

If your vinyl exteriors have been neglected for a while, it may require a lot more effort to get them clean. This is why many homeowners turn to power washers to get the job done. While a power washer gets the job done faster, there are a couple of reasons why you will want to skip using this intense sprayer. 

Like abrasive tools, power washers can cause more harm than they do good. If your siding is even a little bit damaged, it can quickly and significantly intensify the issues.
Moreover, using a power washer on your siding can void your manufacturer’s warranty. Before reaching for this tool, make sure to learn more about the details of your warranty.

5.Avoid Using Your Grill Near Your Vinyl Siding

With warmer weather right around the corner, homeowners across the U.S. will soon drag out their grills from their winter hibernation and start enjoying backyard barbecues. This is a great way to spend time with your family and friends; however, you need to make sure your grill is not in use too close to your home. 

For your safety and the sake of your siding, keep your grill ten or more feet away from the exterior of your home. Grills can easily reach temperatures up to 600° Fahrenheit, and while vinyl won’t catch fire until around 730° Fahrenheit, these high temps could cause significant damage to your siding.

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