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The Top 5 Siding Trends For Your Home

Most popular Types of siding

Siding for your home or business may sound like an out-of-date trend, but it’s actually experiencing a resurgence in popularity and is a growing choice for homes and businesses across Utah for a variety of reasons.

First, it gives you several different siding options for your home, and lets you choose more than one at the same time, allowing you to customize and combine the ones you like. If you like the look of a unique and varied home, then siding can give you the exact look you’re shooting for.

Second, siding adds another layer of protection to your home’s walls, meaning more insulation, strength, and value.

The Top 5 Siding Trends For Your HomeFinally, siding is the top option for those looking to refinish, remodel, or update their existing home. Siding can be added to a home for a fraction of the cost of its alternatives, changing the look of an older home without expensive and time-consuming remodels. Siding is an excellent option for everyone, and the trends are keeping up with modern demand. See the top siding trends we’ve listed below to get a good idea of what’s available for your home.

1. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has grown to be the most popular and frequently used siding material, due to it’s affordable cost and versatility. You can choose any color under the sun, which makes it popular for the custom crowd, or remodels looking to match the original color scheme of the house with an updated look. It used to look very plastic-y, but new updates to vinyl siding have given it unique textures and appearances. It’s also a good option for DIY projects.

2. Brick Siding

Brick has been a popular option for years and years, of course, but now it’s a quicker, easier project as it’s used simply as a facelift for the underlying walls. If you’re a fan of the classic Tudor or Colonial look then brick veneers are the best siding option for you.

3. Stucco Siding

Look around and you will probably see a house or building using stucco siding. This is because of the long wearing and rigid nature of stucco. Stucco is relatively affordable, easy to maintain, and basically lasts forever. It’s common with Mediterranean and Spanish style homes.

4. Stone Siding

Beautiful Energy Efficient Wood Siding in UtahFor interesting visual appeal it’s hard to beat the original look of stone. You have many different options from which to choose, and even the color can be somewhat customized to meet your needs. There are synthetic options to defray the cost, but it can still be a pricier option. Stone is one of the best options for an update, though, because small areas can be added for dramatic curb appeal.

5. Wood Siding

Common for cottages and bungalows, wood siding is a beautiful option. It definitely requires a little more maintenance and monitoring to deal with weather and insects. There are many different techniques and types of wood to customize the look, and a single wood accent wall or partial siding can add stunning interest to an otherwise ordinary home.

If you’re curious about what each of these siding options look like, we encourage you to look at our portfolio or get in contact with us. We also have a beautiful onsite showroom to help you get an idea of what each of these siding options look like.

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