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The Top 3 Causes of Window Damage

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Are your windows damaged?

Would you even know how to tell if they were? If the answer is no – you wouldn’t be alone. Windows are one of the most frequently neglected areas of homes, especially over time. Older houses may have a lot of window damage, even dangerous damage, that goes unrecognized for years on end. And that’s not to say that new homes can’t also have window damage. If a window is installed incorrectly or the materials are damaged by inexperienced contractors, you can find your brand new windows causing serious damage.

From broken or warped glass to high utilities bills you can get burnt a lot of different ways from damaged windows and may even need to have your windows replaced.

Below are three big things to look out for that can damage windows:

The Top 3 Causes of Window Damage

1. Ill-fitting Windows – there are many reasons why your windows may not fit, but if they aren’t installed well it can cause a lot of problems and window damage. Water can leak from outside into your house, meaning the track and seal aren’t doing their job. Drafty windows are also a huge problem if the window is poorly designed or the weather-stripping around the window panes is faulty. Check for a draft, water leakage, condensation on windows, or any other sign that the windows aren’t properly fit and sealed. Keep a close eye on your utilities bill, and make sure to check your windows – if you’re paying a lot for heat there’s a good chance much of it is escaping through your poorly insulated windows. Energy efficient windows may be the answer, and these issues can be fixed or your windows can be replaced quickly and affordably by Mountain States Windows & Siding.

2. Stress & Tension – Your windows don’t just sit there quietly, maintaining strength. Like almost everything else it will adjust, weather, and weaken over time. Wood frames, for example, expand and contract according to the heat and humidity. This growing and shrinking places stress and tension on the windows, even twisting and breaking them at times. Over years of stress and tension the windows can be weakened considerably, even if they look undamaged. Humidity and temperature can also affect the glass itself, causing it to distort. Water damage can also get into the sash and cause weakness and rotting. Likewise, if your house shifts at all due to ground instability, earthquakes, or other movements it can weaken and even break your windows.

3. Breakage – Of course! The most common window damage is breakage, when a window takes a hit from a backyard baseball game, a rogue golf ball, or a particularly violent storm. Whether it was an accident or an act of nature, broken windows are just a part of life. Depending on the break and the force which caused it you may need to repair or replace the entire frame. Whatever you do, make sure the new window is properly sealed and slides smoothly once installed.

Spring is a great time to take stock of your windows and assess their strength. If you are unsure you can always call Mountain States Windows & Siding. They can take a look at your windows and recommend repairs or replacement, and do it for you at an affordable cost.

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