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The Newest Trends For Your Windows

Most popular Types of siding

During the process of building or remodelling your home windows can be an easy decision. You may simply place windows in the appropriate locations around your home, using the stock window options. But if you’re looking for a more interesting and unique way to feature windows in your home there are several options. There are plenty of ways to use your windows to make a statement.

What Are Some New Trend For Your Windows?

  • Awning Windows: Windows that tilt open at an angle are often found in bathrooms, basements, or high-elevation buildings. A modern twist is to feature tall fixed windows with a smaller awning windows below them. Awning windows are popular in rainy climates, since you can open your windows without allowing the moisture to enter your home.
  • Double-Hung Windows: these types of windows can open at the top and bottom. They provide a very modern look for your windows, and are nice when you want a breeze. Opening the window at the top and bottom simultaneously means cool air can blow in the bottom and warmer air can escape at the top. They are slightly more expensive than the standard single-hung windows, and can sometimes have trouble with tension at the top fixture.
  • Picture Windows: Fixed windows are windows that don’t open or close, and when they are artistically designed with a breathtaking view they are called picture windows. These are common in large great rooms, especially if they’re tall with vaulted ceilings. Picture windows can feature large windows, arched windows, and collections of many different windows in a pattern.
  • Casement Windows: Casement windows swing outward, usually operated with a crank. These types of windows are popular for people with physical difficulties opening standard windows, in vintage style homes, and very mild climates. Casement windows are often unobstructed and therefore provide the best natural light.
  • Skylight: If you love seeing the moon and stars from your bedroom then you may consider a skylight for your home. They can be fixed or casement windows, and they’ll work in basically any room that has direct access to the roof. If a central room needs a little extra natural light then a skylight is an excellent choice.
  • Bay Windows: Popular in breakfast nooks and front rooms, bay windows are usually three angled windows overlooking a yard. Bay windows usually include a bench seat that is perfect for reading or curling up with coffee. Consider bay windows if you have a curved or projecting areas along the exterior of your home.
  • Art or Display Glass: Fancier glass panes are popular in churches, museums, and sometimes a bathroom or featured room in a home. These panes of glass with design, color, or metalwork can be a strong decor choice and a conversation piece for your home.

The right type of window for you is going to depend on your home, budget, lighting, orientation, and family needs. It’s important to research various types of windows and their benefits and drawbacks first. Then consult with a window expert at Mountain States Windows & Siding for free consultation and recommendation for your home’s window needs by contacting us today.

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