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The Best Products to Clean Your Windows With

The Best Products to Clean Your Windows With

Nothing is more frustrating than a smudgy window—especially after that window has already been wiped down with an unsuccessful cleaner. Avoid the frustration of unproductive products and go with these tested and true cleaners to get your glass shining.

Overall: Windex
No surprise here—Windex comes in first as the best overall window cleaner. There is a reason it’s a household name. Business Insider conducted an experiment comparing a dozen of the top glass cleaners and concluded that Windex was the most effective. In addition, it is the number one seller for window cleaners on Amazon. This well-known cleaner is able to achieve a streak-free shine without leaving a strong scent behind.

On the Go: Windex Wipes
If you need a cleaning option to take on the go with you, Windex is now available in wipes. You can purchase a package on Amazon for all of your window cleaning needs. This could be a great option to keep in your car to clean smudges off of your windshield.

Green Option: Method Natural Glass Surface Cleaner
Need a more natural product? Try the Method Natural Glass Surface Cleaner. This green alternative uses ammonia-free and plant-based ingredients for a streak free shine. It comes highly recommended by Good Housekeeping. This all natural, non-toxic cleaner is a great option for windows.

Budget: Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Trigger
Glass Plus Glass Cleaner Trigger is another viable option for anyone on a budget. It works well on glass surfaces and as a multi-surface cleaner. This affordable option also has great reviews.

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