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The Best Home Window Decoration Trends

The Best Home Window Decoration Trends


With many styles for windows and lighting, it’s stressful to make a choice. We’re here to bring you the best home window decoration trends.

No matter what phase or season of life you are in, when you move into your new home- the most exciting part is decorating it. From the bedrooms to the kitchen, we hope these tips put you one step ahead in transforming your house into a home.

Tips for Decorating Bedroom Windows

Long, silk curtains are all the rage this year, and what better place to display them than the bedroom?  Use a curtain rod that is a longer length than your windows are. This will create the illusion of a larger open window space instead of sticking to the strict dimensions of your current set up. Silk Curtains can add to the calm and serene tone you want to set in a place you can relax. Even better, pick a soft neutral color and you are well on your way to your zen living space.

Tips for Decorating Kitchen and Dining Room Windows

The kitchen is a beautiful space for a lot of sunlight and flavor. Floating or hanging shelves on a window create an open space for creativity. Add some plants and pick some art that adds personality to the space. This room is more than a room for cooking and the new trends want to say that.

Tips for Decorating Family or Sitting Room Windows

Believe it or not, what’s hot this year is what’s over the top. Think classy 80s and you are right about there. Fancy window treatments such as ornate drapes are making their comeback in homes across the U.S for home window decoration trends. You might also consider Ply Gem Windows, which allow for double strength glass as well as thermal and solar protection from the sun and elements as an added touch of sophistication.

Tips for Decorating Bathroom Windows

Generally, the bathroom is not the largest room in the house. If you are dealing with a small bathroom, utilizing the space you have is key to designing a smart space. For example, you could hang a mirror in front of a window. This utilizes the space for purpose and also privacy. The next top decoration trend for bathrooms are woven shades. If you have a small window and want to avoid clutter, use a shade instead. You can easily adjust the length which will allow you to have a sophisticated look, while also optimizing the natural light and the benefits it has for a small space.  They look classy and you can choose between many varieties and styles to suit the ambiance of your bathroom.

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