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Small Details To Add to Your Guest Bathroom

Small Details To Add to Your Guest Bathroom

Make your guests feel at home with a few finishing touches to your guest bathroom. You can easily help them feel at home with these simple tips. Or just make your own bathroom feel luxurious with some of these special touches.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A High-Quality Towel

Invest in a stack of luxury, high-quality towels. This luxury will make any guest feel comfortable. Even nice washcloths and hand towels can make a big difference. For an extra nice towel, install a towel warmer. Nothing beats stepping out of the shower to a warm and cozy towel.

Have a Little Toiletry Kit

You never know what your guests might forget. Having an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, soap, cotton swabs, and other toiletries is so helpful. And it will make your guests feel more at home when you think ahead to anticipate their needs. You can even collect toiletries from hotels or pick up the travel sized options next time you’re at the grocery store. You can also have some baby toiletries like extra diapers or wipes if your guests may need that.

Add Some Fresh Flowers And Plants To Freshen Up Space.

Make your bathroom feel homey and fresh with some fresh flowers and plants. It will also make it smell better! Placing these in the bathroom before your guests arrive will make them feel special and give your space a little something extra.

Brighten Up Your Space.

A dark and dinky bathroom is not a pleasant space. Keep your bathroom feeling light and airy with windows and plenty of lighting. Decorating with white and light colors will also help your space feel brighter.

Provide space for storage.

Give your guests a little space to store their own things. Leaving them a hook for their towel, a space for their toothbrush or a little extra shelving space can go a long way.

Everyone loves a comfy floor mat.

Stepping out of the shower onto a comfy floor mat is a great feeling. Nothing beats a non-slip microfiber shag or a memory foam bath mat. Placing one in front of the vanity is also a nice luxury.

A robe and slippers are a luxurious touch.

Who doesn’t love a good robe and slippers? Nothing says luxury and comfort like a nice robe. It’s always a favorite luxury at a nice hotel—a nice, soft, plush robe. Your guests will certainly be impressed when you leave a fresh robe and matching slippers for them to use.

Make sure it smells nice.

Nothing makes a room feel worse than a bad smell. Bathrooms are often susceptible to stenches. Even if you keep the stench out, bathrooms can often feel stuffy or musty because of the moisture that gets trapped in there. Keep windows and doors open, add some candles, use your bathroom fan—it will make a big difference.

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