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Siding Choices For Your Home

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Siding for your home is not only necessary, but also cosmetic. Siding provides another layer of protection and insulation for your home, it’s true. It will keep your home stronger against the environment and accidents. But siding is also a conscious way to show your style, and to make your home your own. Siding is a huge indicator of taste, and of who you are as a person or family. Siding can also be an indication of price, age, and quality.

So what does your siding say about you? What are your siding options?

Siding Choices for Your Home


Stucco is one of the most popular choices in the past 20 years. Stucco has grown in popularity because it’s incredibly protective for homes, and the color options are limitless. Stucco will last the lifetime of the average house, as it is incredibly durable and resilient.

Vinyl Siding

As the number one siding choice in America, vinyl is everywhere. It’s because vinyl is very low in cost and very easy to maintain. The choices for color and finish are vast, and they make a very quick and easy addition to homes of nearly any style or age. The only drawback is there is a plastic look that can deter some people.

Brick Siding

Brick is a beautiful look that is hard to top. Traditional homes with brick siding are always stunning and have undeniable curb appeal. Today brick is usually used as a veneer and does require some maintenance since it can be penetrated or damaged by water. Though pricier, it’s a great look.

Wood Siding

A more expensive option, wood is a distinctive statement look. Clapboard, shingles, shakes, and other modern styles can create any look from cabin to bungalow. Wood can be painted or stained to achieve weathered or colorful looks. Wood is less fire- and water-resistant, so careful monitoring and maintenance is usually needed.

Stone Siding

Stone is usually your most expensive option, but is incredibly stylish and modern. You have a variety of stone choices, and some choose full or partial stone siding depending on the look they desire. Stone veneers can be more affordable, especially choosing a less-expensive stone option. Stone is also a little trickier to install, so older homes often face a challenge.

Talk to a Siding Expert

If you’re unsure of what your siding options may be, or which style will work best for your home, location, and budget, talk to an expert. At Mountain States Windows & Siding we can give you a free and knowledgeable consultation to help you make the best possible decision for your home.

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