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Should You Consider a Window Repair or Window Replacement?

broken window

Window damage is actually incredibly common, it just goes unnoticed a lot of the time. Unnoticed damage is actually very problematic, because the damage can grow and spread. You may not even notice the window damage for months, even years. Rentals are particularly susceptible, because the damage can go totally unnoticed when those who live in the rental aren’t motivated to look for and correct damage.

Checking your windows (and rental windows) regularly is important, so start doing it now. Inspect your windows one by one to see how the seal, glass, sash, well, tracks, and other window features are holding up against weather or exposure. Make sure you’re looking inside and out. It can be helpful to lift blinds or window coverings and stand very close to feel for drafts or heat transfer through your windows. Slide windows open and shut, looking for flaking, cracking, or feeling for any resistance.

If you find damage, you’ll need to determine its severity and decide – should you repair the damaged window, or replace it entirely? Sometimes, depending on the damage or type of window, you won’t have a choice, but often you may be able to opt for a bright new window, or a simple fix could repair things.

Windows Repair

Window repairs are best for newer windows. This works when you have old caulk or sealant, small cracks in a window frame, broken locks or mechanisms, or other minimal issues. A fresh line of sealant around the inside and outside of your window can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency. Small parts of windows can be quickly fixed by a window professional like Mountain States Windows & Siding, without disrupting your day or home life. Repairs can be inexpensive, and are an excellent choice if available for the damage you’re experiencing.

Window Replacement

Often the damage is simply too dramatic. Completely shattered or seriously broken windows usually need a full replacement. Warped, broken, water-damaged, or otherwise compromised frames will break or contort windows over time. It is also recommended that windows be replaced instead of repaired if they are older than 20 years, because aging can cause continual problems that a partial repair cannot permanently fix. Replacing older and damaged windows also provides you the opportunity to upgrade to more energy efficient window types that weren’t available at the time of your older windows. The savings and progress for your home can affect your utility bill, home’s comfort, and more.

If you’re unsure of the condition of your windows, or you need help deciding if a repair or replacement is the right thing for you, call Mountain States Windows & Siding for a free consultation. We’ll help you find the right window fit for your Utah home or business.

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