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Should You Choose Vinyl Windows or Wood Windows?

Most popular Types of siding

Windows are a huge investment for your home, and not just because they let light into your home. True, it may be important for you to get large and beautiful windows for your home, simply because you like how they look. Clear and natural light makes a home more joyous. However, windows are more than just cosmetic. Windows are a critical part of your home’s insulation and safety.

If you are building a new house, you should research and decide which materials you will use for windows in your new home. If you are considering a remodel or a face-lift on your existing home, you may want to assess the condition of your windows and determine if window replacements are needed. You might benefit by calling Mountain States Windows to come and give you a free consultation on the state of your existing windows, with suggestions on how to improve your home’s insulation and energy efficiency.

First, you need to understand the role that windows play in your home’s insulation. Your walls have layers of insulation, but windows can’t. The windows themselves will transmit heat or cold more than your walls or roof due to thickness and the lack of insulating layers. That being said, when windows are carefully constructed and sealed you can prevent excess heat or cold loss. Unfortunately, you are paying a lot to keep your home warm during long and cold Utah winters, and cool during long and hot Utah summers! Knowing this, you’ll probably want to makes sure that your air, whether it’s warm or cool, stays inside the house, and that the outside elements, whether they are hot or freezing, stay outside the house! In Utah windows are a huge part of energy efficiency, and you may not realize how much of your gas or power bill is due to inefficient windows letting your air in and out.

Vinyl Windows or Wood Windows

Now you need to make a decision – what do you want? Some older homes use aluminum, but the most common choices today are wood or vinyl. Both are good choices, and you will find many options in each category. Here are your basic facts for each:

Wood Windows

Wood window trims are absolutely beautiful. They give a high-end look to any home. They are, as you might expect, more expensive because of higher material costs. Wood is fairly durable, but only with maintenance over time. Wood needs to be painted or finished regularly, as it will show age and wear-and-tear. However, it can be painted or finished with many different options to achieve the desired effect.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have much lower up-front costs and are easier to maintain over time, as they don’t need to be continually painted and sealed. Vinyl also has much higher energy efficiency throughout hot and cold seasons, which is particularly useful in a state like Utah. Another great thing about vinyl is that you can choose the color and effect, so you can imitate the look of genuine wood with vinyl windows at a fraction of the cost.

 If you are unsure what to do for the windows in your new home or wondering about replacing the windows in your existing home, then talk to the professionals at Mountain States Windows to see what will be best for you and your family.


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