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Should I Replace My Windows or Siding First

Should I Replace My Windows or Siding First

Your home is starting to look dingy, and you’re looking to upgrade your windows and siding. Or maybe you’re looking to sell your home and need to improve its curb appeal. If you’re not sure what you should replace first, your windows or siding, continue reading to find out.


Installing Windows First

Most exterior remodeling experts would agree that you should typically replace your windows and siding simultaneously. If that’s not possible, it’s best to install new windows first before adding the new siding. If you choose to install siding first, it could cost you more than either doing them at the same time or adding windows. 

The reason for installing windows first is to allow contractors to set them in place and then finish off all the capping precisely surrounding the windows before adding the siding. The capping allows a protective cover; usually, aluminum added to expose exterior frames during installation. 


Installing Siding First

If you decide you want to install the siding first, take note that you can damage your old window capping easily once the old siding is removed. This means you will need to recap your windows, adding cost to the installation. Also, if you decide in the future you want new windows, you’ll need to pay for additional capping. Depending on how many windows you have, your costs could be more than a few hundred dollars—possibly a game-changer.

Another problem of installing siding first is when you do get new windows with the moisture barrier for them, you will need to install the barrier behind the new siding. Doing so means you might need to remove some of the new siding and later reinstall it, further adding to your cost. If you believe adding siding first is more important and you hire a contractor to do both, consider asking them if they will do free capping, if needed, when it comes time to installing your new windows. 


Choosing Your Priority

Before making a decision, you might regret, choose what takes priority, adding new windows, or siding. If you find the siding is worse than your windows, then take care of that first. Now, if you feel both aren’t a priority, then consider holding off until you can afford to do them at the same time. This makes financial sense and prevents you from paying additional for duplicate work.

Before you hire someone, do your homework and research, at least a few companies to get the best contractor for your needs and budget. Ensure they have the proper licensing, liability, and worker’s compensation insurance. Also, ask about federal tax credits of upwards of $200, depending on how energy-efficient your windows are. 


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If you’re ready to replace your windows, siding, or both, give Mountain States Windows a call today. We can discuss with you your needs and desires and point you in the right direction for a perfect match.


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