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Round Top Windows Architectural Design and Performance

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Round Top Windows Architectural Design and Performance


Round top windows provide an interesting stylistic element to new construction, and can help keep the character of an old home. Sometimes used as an accent window or positioned above a rectangular window, they can also be designed as double hung models that offer all the energy efficiency of any other window. When properly installed, they can perform just as well as other windows while adding visual interest.

Features & Benefits of Round Top Windows

Use in New Construction and Remodeling: Because curved and round top windows add an appealing custom touch to a structure, they have become popular in high-end home construction. They are used to complement a dramatic roof line, as floor-to-ceiling windows, as part of turret walls, or as the window treatment of choice for dormers and gables for a stunning look. For older homes that previously had round windows, updating to a double hung version with a vinyl clad frame improves energy efficiency while maintaining the historic appearance.

Same Quality Features of Double Hung Windows: Modern window makers such as Jeld-Wen, Kolbe, Marvin, and many others offer curved windows designed to function like any other double hung window. The window can incorporate high performing glass, lamination, tinting, and other desirable features for function and energy-efficiency. Although they are largely decorative, many have Energy Star and Coastal Stormwatch ratings and come with Low 4E glass for excellent thermal performance.

Customizable: They may include grill work that matches the rest of your windows, and most are available with wood or vinyl clad frames, as well as vinyl or aluminum.

Not All Round Windows Open: Completely round windows or single paned windows with a curved top are often used as stylistic elements in the home; these windows are stationary and usually do not open.

Installing Round Top Windows is Not a DIY Job

Most major window manufacturers offer these beautiful accent windows to local window replacement companies, and some basic styles are on the shelves at big-box stores for the DIY market.

This might lead you to believe that round windows are easy to install. However, poor installation is responsible for many problems that occur around these windows. When installed incorrectly, especially on a gable when there is no protection from the elements or without vinyl brick mold to seal the edges of the window, water is able to seep in under the siding and rot surrounding wood and even the windows below. Replacing the windows can be a costly job, especially when poor installation has led to a deterioration of nearby structures.

Selecting Round Top Windows from a Reputable Window Contractor

When you are shopping for new or replacement curved or round top windows, finding the right style is just one part of the process. Locating an excellent window contractor is crucial to your long-term satisfaction. For a huge selection and proper installation and repair services, contact Mountain States Windows & Siding for a free estimate on your new round top windows.

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