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Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Windows

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If you’re experiencing problems with your windows, it can give you a huge headache, and leave you freezing during the winter.

Your windows are a strong line of defense in your home against the outside elements, but windows are usually more permeable than walls. Because of that, they let in more heat or cold from the world outside and leak your expensive air conditioning through tiny cracks, gaps, poor seal, openings, or simple conduction.

This leakage can happen even if your windows are unbroken and still sealed, much less if your windows are broken. So how bad can it be if your windows are damaged? It depends.

Taking a look at your utility bills may offer some insight into the status of your windows. Are your bills going up every month? Do you feel like your bills used to be lower than they currently are? Do you feel a draft around your windows? How do you know if you should replace or repair damaged windows? 


When To Repair Your Windows

Simple Break or Crack

If everything else about your windows is functioning well, a crack or break can be fairly easily repaired by a window professional like Mountain States Windows & Siding.

Slight Draft

If you have historic windows that are working well, but are simply a little worn around the edges, a repair job may be in order. You can reseal and caulk the frames and panes of your windows to provide a more airtight seal that will make your home more energy efficient. You can still maintain the vintage look of your home without compromise.


When To Replace Your Windows

Window Rot

If there is water damage or rot around your windows, you’re safer off getting a window replacement than a repair that may not solve the problem. Don’t gamble with rot – get it gutted, cleared out, and replaced with something clean and functional.

Ancient Windows

The threat of lead-based paint may be reason enough to replace older windows. Just be sure to properly ventilate the area and hire a professional window expert who knows how to deal with lead-based paint removal to decrease the risk of lead poisoning.

Expired Warranty

Do your windows come with a warranty? If so is it current? If your warranty is expired then a repair can cost almost as much as brand new windows, and brand new windows will be nicer, newer, and more energy efficient. Upgrading to a replacement window is smarter!

Energy Efficiency

If being more energy efficient is important to you and your family, replacing your windows is a critical step. You’re losing a lot of air conditioning through your windows and you can’t even see it! Replacing them with properly sealed windows that also feature insulation to keep your home’s energy where it belongs will make your home better protected with more energy efficient windows.

If you have any additional questions about your windows and whether or not you should repair or replace them, please get in contact with us so that we can get you the answers you’re looking for.

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