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Remodeling: Where to Start

Remodeling: Where to Start

A home remodel is often on the minds of homeowners. What could we do to update this house? What needs to be improved? How much would it cost? There must be a way to fix that inconvenient bathroom. Maybe we can update the exterior to look more modern and welcoming.

Popular shows that share incredible home remodels have only encouraged the trend, and we’re very supportive. At Mountain States Windows & Siding we feel strongly about giving you the home you crave at an affordable cost.

Where To Start Remodeling Your Home? 

Identify Pain Points:

The very first thing to consider when you want to remodel is to identify the various pain points in your home. What is the most annoying or inefficient room in your home? Where do you need more space? What is the oldest looking or feeling part of your home? These can be great places to start.

Wish List:

Spending time watching remodeling shows, browsing the web, and walking through home improvement stores can help you develop a vision of what you want. Start making your wish list of various features you’d like your home to have, even if they feel overly expensive or silly. Over time you can prioritize that list and give yourself a home improvement plan that always gives you something to work toward.

Create a Budget:

Take time to identify a budget for your remodel. Some homeowners are able to refinance and use some equity to update their house to maintain value. You may be able to use a tax return or other windfall to finance a remodel. Or you could simply set aside money each month for your remodel. At Mountain States Windows & Siding we provide affordable prices and financing, and we offer a free consultation that can inform you of prices for various remodel projects. We can work within any budget.

Attack Plan:

On your own or in coordination with our seasoned professional contractors, identify the area most in need of remodeling. If the area is out of the main living space, such as a basement or garage, you might be able to do it over the course of a month or two using only weekends. If it’s a main area, such as a kitchen, you will probably want to accelerate your process and form a contingency plan for your fridge and food preparation – possibly a makeshift kitchen space in your garage. Then get after it!

A home remodel is exciting and rewarding, and we stand ready to create the home of your dreams.



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