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Redecorating on a Budget

Redecorating on a Budget

Interested in redecorating? Home décor can be pricey. Maybe you’re regretting that paint color or just sick of the old and craving something new. No need to break the bank to redecorate. There are many simple and affordable ways to redecorate on a budget.

1. Start Small.

If you can’t afford to do a complete overhaul of space, just start small. Change out some accent pieces, adding some finishing touching, just doing small things can go along way. Consider adding a rug to room or a new painting to the wall. Change out a lampshade. Add a throw blanket to a couch. Or try a new couch cover instead of investing in an entirely new sectional. There are many small and simple ways to transform a space and before you know it, you’ll have redecorated an entire room one small change at a time.

2. Change Your Bedding.

Bedding is a small feature that can make a big impact. Bedding is eye catching and one of the first things that catch the eye when you walk into a room. Changing up your bedding is a great way to add a pop of color and change the whole tone of a room. Your bed is where you spend about a third of your time—though this is a small change it can have a big impact.

3. Get Rid of Clutter.

Too much clutter and any space will make it feel, well, cluttered. Your space will feel sharper, cleaner, and different when you do small things to organize it. Try putting away those clothes or keep your hamper in a hidden place. Get an organizer for your mail, a hook for your keys, or a shelf for your books. You’ll be surprised different your space will feel with a little less clutter and a little more organization.

4. Maximize Free Space.

Having more floor space open makes a room seem larger. If you want an area to feel more spacious, maximize free space. An open space will larger, whereas a room that is packed will feel smaller and cramped.

5. Repaint Your Walls.

Painting your walls is an affordable way to transform a space. Whether you add an accent wall or completely change the wall colors, it is a great way to redesign. Lighter colors will make a room feel larger. Adding an accent color in a single wall can also go a long way.

6. Utilize Lighting.

Shedding light on the situation can really change things—this includes decorating. You can easily make a room feel bigger, brighter, and totally new with some different lighting. Adding lamps, changing your curtains, getting a new lighting fixture, adding additional light to a room makes a world of difference.

7. Add Some Plants.

Plants have a way of transforming a room. Adding some fresh flowers, some window plants, or just some greenery can make a big difference. It will also better your air quality.


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