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Reasons To Choose Siding

why siding

Siding is often a hard choice for home or business owners. Some people don’t need it at all, and some just think they don’t. Some want siding but have difficulty choosing which form or material of siding they want. Sometimes people want to upgrade their home or business, but the cost of siding deters them. However, there are plenty of reasons to choose siding for your home or business.

Reasons to Choose Siding

1. Insulation – Did you know that siding provides an extra layer of insulation that can keep your home more comfortable? Homeowners with siding report lower energy bills and more comfortable interior temperatures because the outside elements are less able to penetrate exterior walls. Siding can make life easier for your air conditioning unit, and save you money in the long run.

2. Safety – Like insulation, siding adds an extra layer of safety against harsh elements. In the event of natural disasters, fire, or other forms of damage, having siding provides an extra layer of protection. Especially in extreme or dangerous climates siding can make big difference.

3. Updating – Older homes can be refreshed with siding to help it modernize. Many old homes struggle with insulation or exterior damage. Siding can mend any issues, covering them with more energy efficient and protective options of siding.

4. Style – siding is a great way to add a new and fresh style to your home, no matter it’s age. You can create a farmhouse look, industrial metal appearance, or stone for a timeless look. For a more affordable option you can choose plastic or vinyl alternatives. There are styles that mimic brick, stone, wood, and more. Your options for color and texture are limitless, so you can make your home look amazing, regardless of how old or ugly it may appear right now.

5. Price – adding or updating siding is an effective way to change up the entire look of your home. Curb appeal will skyrocket, while you also add value to your home. Buyers will like an updated look, and the promise of more manageable utilities with energy efficient insulation.


If you’re considering selling your home, updating it, remodeling an older home, or you’re simply sick of the way your home looks from the curb – siding might be the answer. Call Mountain States Windows & Siding today for a free consultation and to review all the options you have. You’d be surprised how quickly siding can change your entire home, just with a few feet of addition to your walls.


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