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Planning Your Summer Window Installation

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Summer is here and the home improvement projects have begun. It’s common to focus your home improvement during the warmer months, simply because it makes everything easier. It’s easier to get your kids outside playing so you can work. It’s easier to complete the messier portions of the project outside to decrease cleanup. It’s easier to open up the windows for a breeze and for natural light. But what’s even easier is getting a professional to complete the project for you!

One big project that so many homes need, but few people want to do, is window installation. Some homes have broken or ill-fitting windows. Some just want a more modern look. But windows are something that usually require a professional’s touch in order to be completed in a correct and efficient manner. Summertime is still the most popular season for window installation, so we thought we’d share some tips with you today to plan for your summer window installation.

How to Plan for Your Summer Window Installation

  • Price it Out. Figure out exactly how many windows you will need, and research the type of window you want to buy. Then you can call around to various window & siding companies to find out what you can expect for cost and labor. You may also want to ask how open and available they are, as this is the busy season.
  • Choose a Date. Many installations take a single day, but some can take a few. Choosing a day where you can have limited access to your home is key, since window professionals will be in and out of your home all day. If you want to be home, choose a day where you could send your family to a nearby park, the movies, or somewhere else. You also have the option of getting your windows done when you’re out of town, so you can come home to new and beautiful windows.
  • Once you have a good price quote, you can begin saving or set up a payment plan to ensure that the cost of new windows does not ruin your entire summer.
  • Clearing the areas around the windows is a helpful way to ensure that your window installation is smooth, quick, and efficient. Slide furniture away, wipe down walls and sills, and generally clear the area.

If this is your summer to replace windows – we’d be happy to tackle your summer window installation. At Mountain States Windows & Siding we have the tools and trust you need for a quick and affordable window replacement.

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