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New Windows For A Utah Winter

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New Windows For A Utah WinterUsually when you think about remodelling or upgrading parts of your home, winter is the season in which you are LEAST likely to undertake such a project. It’s cold, blustery, and unpredictable. You don’t want to be dealing with indoor/outdoor repairs, storing materials, and the headache that often comes with working on a house – and you DEFINITELY won’t be doing it yourself during the wintertime. Taking home remodels or upgrades into your own hands is awesome and admirable, but since it’s more difficult and takes more time most people avoid it during the winter months. It’s better to just wait for warmer weather to get house projects done, right? WRONG.

Winter is arguably the best time for certain house remodel or renovation projects – especially windows. You’re probably thinking “Replace my windows? In the dead of winter? While they’re supposed to be sealed shut and keeping me warm??” Well, exactly. That’s the main reason now is a great time to replace or remodel the windows in your home. Here’s a few reasons you should consider replacing or upgrading your windows this winter:

You’re losing money – and heat! A lot of contractors and home builders use cheap windows and frames in order to cut costs. The problem is that it will later cost YOU. Because of drafts and poor insulation, your windows are actually letting your precious heat escape and letting the icy air into your home. Your furnace is working extra hard to replace the lost heat and warm up that outside air. It’s almost as bad as running your air conditioner full blast on the hottest day of summer – but leaving the door open. Using new or upgraded, energy efficient, windows will better insulate your home during the chilly winter months. Cheap windows can also allow the Utah Winter condensation to creep INSIDE your house!

You know just how sad some of your windows are looking. You were just up there hanging Christmas lights, or fondly staring through the window at the falling snow. Your windows might be looking dull, dingy, scratched, or damaged. We can help. Fresh new vinyl or triple pane windows can add an amazing new face-lift to your home. Starting the new year out with new windows will make a big difference in the look and value of your home.

You won’t have to climb any ladders! During the winter months no one will expect you to climb in and out of your house, onto roofs and ladders and scaffolding – and you shouldn’t have to! The experts at Mountain States Windows and Siding will do that for you. They are true professionals. They will provide quality service, beautiful products, and a warmer house without giving you a frozen headache! They are affordable and will get the job done flawlessly, so you won’t have to worry about your neck – or your wallet. Give them a call today to keep your house warmer and your power bill lower!

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