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New Construction or Replacement Windows?

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NNew Construction or Replacement Windows?

When remodeling your house, do you need new construction windows or replacement windows? Replacement windows are ready to pop into your existing frame, but at times, you may need the more extensive solution available with new construction windows.

Differentiating Between New Construction and Replacement Windows

The construction windows used for new homes, as well as for additions or new window installations, are equipped with nailing fins that enable you to attach the window to the home and make it waterproof and airtight. To install the window requires pulling back any window trim and siding on the exterior, and installing new interior woodwork.

The alternative is to utilize an existing window frame, and simply install a replacement window of the same size. Assuming you have no problems with rotting or leakage, this type of window can improve both appearance and energy efficiency. When upgrading windows, it is important to verify that you do not need more work around the frame.

Which Window to Choose

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the type of windows to install.

You should opt for new construction windows if:

  • Your current windows are unattractive, hard to open, or drafty.
  • Your window frames are rotting or deteriorating.
  • You will be removing interior and exterior trim.
  • You want to change the shape, size, or position of your windows.
  • You want the maximum amount of glass space.
  • Your windows are not square and need work to make them fit correctly without leaks.
  • You are adding a new addition or an additional window.

Replacement windows are the choice if:

Your problems with your windows will be fixed by adding the new window.
Your interior and exterior trim is salvageable, so fixing walls or siding is not necessary.
Your current windows are properly square.
You do not need to make other changes in your window size and shape.
You don’t mind that replacement windows have a bit less glass than new construction models.

Does Your Home Need More Work?

Replacing the windows offers you the next opportunity to verify that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. It can be a great time to add insulation, make sure everything is sealed tight, and add new siding with soffits and fascia. In any home, a window can go bad just because it was poorly installed, but if you’re having trouble with multiple windows, it may be time to evaluate if you need more work done.

Whether you need new construction windows or replacement windows, call Mountain States Windows and Siding for quality products and expert installation. We offer a free in-home consultation and estimate to help you determine the best replacement windows for your needs and budget.

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