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Is Vinyl Siding Safe To Paint?

House Siding Tips: Is Vinyl Siding Safe To Paint?

Do you have vinyl siding that could use some refreshing? You might be wondering, “Can I paint siding that’s made with vinyl?” 

Well, the short answer is yes, but there are some things to consider before you start the long process of painting your siding. Keep reading to learn more about whether your siding needs to be painted or replaced and further tips for painting your siding. 

To Paint or Not to Paint? 

When your vinyl siding is looking a little dull, you might be wondering whether painting it is a better money-saving option than replacing it entirely. Here are the pros to painting your siding: 

  • Painting is cheaper than replacing 
  • You get to choose your color 
  • Painting is less time consuming than replacing 

Here are the cons of painting your siding: 

  • If there are any cracks, holes, or physical damage to your siding, the paint won’t cover it 
  • If you have a warranty on the siding, painting it could void your warranty
  • According to KompareIt, the paint will last between 5-7years, whereas new vinyl will last 10-20 years 
  • If the siding is not properly cleaned and primed, the color won’t apply evenly and will likely peel or chip in the near future 

The question that we typically ask when someone is trying to decide whether to paint or replace their vinyl siding: “Is there damage to the siding?” If damage is present, it would be better to replace it now than paint it and turn around and replace it in a few years. 

Tips for Painting Vinyl Siding 

If you decide to paint your siding made of vinyl, we have a few tips for you. Hiring a professional painter is the best way to get the results you want, but many people have opted for the do-it-yourself option. So, if you decide to DIY painting your siding, we have some essential tips for you! 

  1. Thoroughly clean the existing siding. The Spruce recommends scrubbing with a brush, sponge, or towel to remove debris since pressure washing can force water behind the siding. 
  2. Each surface that will be painted should be primed. You can use a paint sprayer or a roller to apply the primer, but you should follow the application up with a brush to ensure even and full coverage. 
  3. Once the primer has been applied and dried, you can paint using the same techniques as when you applied the primer. Again, always follow up with a brush.
  4. Let the paint fully dry before applying a second coat, if needed. 

Replace Your Vinyl Siding with Mountain States Windows and Siding 

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