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How to Start Your Remodel

How to Start Your Remodel

Remodeling can be a short and simple thing or a lengthy process—either way it’s smart to know what you’re getting into before you jump in.

Assess Your House

Start evaluating what you want to change about your house. What are the issues you want to address? Think in terms of space, function, light, storage, and design. Keep in mind your life stage and the life stages your household will move into. Prepare for current and future needs with your remodel. Is there something about your house not meeting your current needs? Maybe you need more storage space. Or maybe every time you walk into a certain room you roll your eyes at that wall color. Whatever it may be, assess what you don’t like. Compare what you have with what you want to have. Start with the problems, then you can address how to fix them.

Make a Plan

Now that you know what needs changing, determine how you want to change it. Plan out your remodeling before you get going with the work. This will save you time and money as you move through the remodeling process. Prioritize what is actually important to you versus everything you could do. Don’t get too carried away. Plan our what you are changing, what it will take, and then set a timeline and goals.

Plan Your Budget

Remodeling tends to take more time and money than planned. Instead of just setting a budget off hand, research what you want to do, what it costs, plan for it, and then give a little wiggle room. Though planning will pay off, you can’t plan for everything. There may be unforeseen mishaps involved with your remodeling. Set aside a little wiggle room in your budget for problems that may aside, or in case you change your mind mid-remodel.

Secure Foundation

Before you start renovating, secure your roof, foundation, siding, and windows. Be sure that while you are renovating, that you won’t knock out any load bearing walls, damage windows, or do other potential damage. Remodeling won’t be worth it if it leads to needing to repair your roof, siding, or other significant parts of your house.

Demolition and Construction

If your project requires it, now is the time to start demolition—this involves removing elements like walls, wiring, carpet, anything that is being replaced. The construction could time a sizable amount of time depending on the project. If this is the case, you may consider finding temporary lodging while this project is undergoing. Be involved during the process to ensure that things are going the way you want them too and prevent any need to redo anything, prolonging the process.


With the work nearing its end, it’s time to clean up the area and relish in your finished project. There is often a lot of debris and dust left over from remodeling. Once clean up is done, you can get back to life in your remodeled house.

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