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How To Spring Clean and Update Your Windows

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The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and even if Utah still has a few more snowstorms up her sleeve we can cross our fingers and hope for spring, and that means spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a pretty serious undertaking, no matter the size or age of your home. One of the most important parts of your spring cleaning will always be your windows. They’ve taken a pretty serious beating of rain, snow, and ice throughout the Utah winter. Make sure your windows are spotless and clean by following these easy steps:

Spring Cleaning Steps For Your Windows

1. Gather Supplies such as Bucket, mild dish soap, sponge, rubber-edged squeegee, a cloth or rag, Windex, paper towels, and a ladder. Fill the bucket halfway (so it won’t slosh over the edges when you carry it around) with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. You don’t need a lot – too many suds will leave a residue.

2. Gently swipe the soft side of the wet sponge over the window, covering the entire pane. Avoid scrubbing which can scratch and even damage the glass. Then use the squeegee to swipe the glass clean in an “S” pattern until the entire pane is clear, wiping the squeegee on the clean rag after each stroke to remove residue.

3. Clean up the edges and any remaining drips with the rag, and dry the sill. Thoroughly wipe the interior windows with a window cleaner like Windex for optimal shine. If your window screens are looking gross you can pull those out and dump the bucket of sudsy water over them, then clear them with the hose to help them look fresh.

4. Carefully look for damage or wear. Check the sills, caulk/sealant, and the framework around the windows to be sure everything looks aligned and sealed off. Can you feel a draft? Does it whistle in extreme weather? These might be signs you have some damage, and if it’s bad enough you may need to contact Mountain States Windows for help repairing them. Any kind of problems around the seal and insulation of your windows could mean you are losing serious money on your utilities. Your warm air is escaping into that cold outside winter, and all summer your expensive air conditioning will be seeping out into the 90-degree heat. If you have issues they need to be repaired immediately.

5. Compare your windows to some of the newer models to ensure that you’re completely happy with what you have. Mountain States Windows and Siding has a variety of options for replacement windows and window upgrades. Newer models are not only more modern and beautiful, but they are also more energy efficient windows – meaning they will protect your utilities and provide better insulation for your home. You will save on your utilities bills while also performing a very easy and beautiful update on your home.

Mountain States Windows and Siding will give you a free, no pressure consultation at your convenience to help you make the best decisions for your spring cleaning and window update. Call them today or request a free estimate online!

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