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How To Plan & Budget For Your Spring Window Installation

Window with curtains

As we near spring it’s the perfect time to begin planning your seasonal projects. Of course you’ll do some spring cleaning in and around your house. Will you tackle your rain gutters? Empty out your garage? Wash your windows and power spray your siding?

Finally prepare that patch of garden for the fruits and vegetables you’ve been wanting to grow? Maybe you’re finally going to embark on a home improvement project or two! Spring is the perfect time to turn your attention to your home and yard, because as the weather improves you can accomplish more, and then enjoy it for the rest of the year!

Spring is also the best time to rediscover your windows. Our windows go unnoticed for much of the year, and basically all of the winter. Come springtime we’re ready to fling those windows open for a fresh breeze, and leave our blinds and curtains wide to enjoy the beautiful views developing outside.

How are your windows looking? If they’re a little scary – you’re not alone. Plenty of homeowners go to tackle their window washing and realized that their windows are drafty, ill-fitting, damaged, or woefully out-of-date. That’s why spring is a popular time to install new windows in your home or business.

Here’s our recommendations for planning & budgeting your spring window installation!

1. Figure Out a Budget. This is an important first step so that you can get services and products that work for you. How much are you willing to spend on your window installation? Are you willing to work with a payment plan or would you rather pay up front?

2. Assess Your Needs. How many windows do you need installed? Some homeowners choose to only replace a section of their home at a time. Do you have specialty windows that might need a particular style or type of window for replacement?

3. Scope Out Options. Unless your home is brand new (in which case you probably aren’t looking to replace windows anyway!), the options for windows have definitely increased since your first window purchase. Do some research about different types of windows, treatments, styles, and designs. For instance, it may be worth it to you to pay a little more for an energy-efficient and more sound-proof window like a triple pane style.

4. Price Match. Don’t choose the first window company you find in the yellow pages! Call around, meet with a few, and ask for recommendations. Choose a window provider who is trustworthy, affordable, and efficient. Mountain States Windows & Siding is a local company with affordable pricing, ready to take care of your spring window installation.

Call today to talk about prices, options, and availability!


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