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How To Make Your Home Weatherproof

How To Make Your Home Weatherproof

Protect Your Home

Making improvements to your home is incredibly rewarding.

Not only did you make your home more comfortable or beautiful but you also get the satisfaction of accomplishing a task (even if you enlist the help of professionals).

There are a multitude of other benefits too!

One big one is that home improvements can increase the value and resale price of your home.

It can also benefit your curb appeal and attract more buyers to your property.

But finally, one overlooked but hugely important reason to make home improvements is to make your home more weatherproof.

What Does It Mean to be Weatherproof?

Making your home weatherproof means a little bit more than making sure you don’t have to put pots and pans under the dripping How To Make Your Home Weatherproofspots in your ceiling.

Yes – it is vitally important to make sure that your roof does not have leaks and that your yard and foundation are protected against drainage.

But being weatherproof means that despite the conditions outside your home, the interior of your home remains comfortable and at the temperature and humidity levels you set yourself.

Being weatherproof means that your home has seamless insulation wall-to-wall.

You aren’t losing pricey air conditioning through holes and gaps, and drafts aren’t letting outside temperatures into your cozy living space.

How To Make Your Home Weatherproof

1. Windows & Seals

Especially in older homes, we see a lot of weather and temperature transfer through windows.

This can be because windows are old, worn, ill-fitting, or that the seal around the windows has peeled or cracked.

A quick assessment can determine if your windows are keeping your home weatherproof and if you need some updated sealant or possibly new windows.

2. Exterior Damage

A tiny hole or wearing in the exterior of your home can be letting temperature and moisture into your home.

Sometimes you can’t even see the damage, or you think it’s an area that has enough insulation to stay minor.

Instead, you can fill these damaging holes and repair issues to keep your home more weatherproof.

3. Siding

Adding an attractive siding is by far the best way to add insulation to your home and make it more weatherproof.

Siding also increases the value of your home and can make it more modern and beautiful.

4. Landscaping

Careful landscaping can keep precipitation and pests from damaging your foundation and weakening your home.

Adding concrete barriers, keeping plants from touching your house, ensuring drainage, and other steps can make a difference in protecting your home.

Making your home more weatherproof will not only make it more comfortable, but it will also make you much more energy efficient!

Your air conditioning and heating will not have to work as hard to maintain your chosen temperature.

It also means that your utility bills will decrease.


There’s no reason not to make your home more weatherproof – call or contact Mountain States Windows & Sidingto see how they can help you take your home to the next level.


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