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How To Make a Small Space Seem Larger

How To Make a Small Space Seem Larger

Your space does not need to be confined by its size. The small rooms or little nooks in your house can be better utilized when decorated to look and feel spacious. With these tips and tricks, you can have any space looking and feeling larger without knocking down any walls. Whether it’s a little bathroom, bedroom, or general living area, make it feel bigger and better by the way you decorate.

Draw the eye to the ceiling.

Drawing the eye upwards will give the illusion of a taller room. You can draw the eye to the ceiling by painting the ceiling or placing things close to the ceiling. For example, placing bookshelves on the wall near the ceiling will draw the eye. Or painting the ceiling a different color than the walls or floors will make the room feel spacious.

Use light colors.

If you’re hoping to make a room look larger, paint it a light color. Light colors reflect light, making space seem larger. Dark colors will absorb light, which can make a room feel nice and cozy, but if you’re going for spacious, go light. This also works with floors. Lighter colors on the floors will help a room feel more airy and open, giving an illusion of space.

Make some hidden storage.

You can utilize storage in your small room by creating some out of sight storage. Create storage space in an ottoman, a table, under a couch. Wherever it may be, getting creative with your storage will save you space and make your room seem larger. With hidden storage, you’ll have more storage and more space.

Stripes can elongate.

Using stripes in your rugs, furniture, and elsewhere in your decorating can elongate your space, making it feel longer and more spacious. A bold striped rug can change the entire feel of a small space or room. It will draw the eye in a good way! Use statement furniture with exposed legs.

The furniture you place in a small space will largely impact it. Don’t make it feel cluttered with too much furniture. Instead, go with a large statement piece to build around. Using furniture with exposed legs will also create an illusion of space as you can see more of the floor.

Let your windows show.

Letting the light in is key to making space feel larger. Leaving your windows exposed, letting in natural light will help achieve this goal. You could also use light or transparent window treatments to ensure natural light. Windows will make space feel more open and lighter. A small space will be completely transformed with the right windows.

Create a mirror effect.

Mirrors will also reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Place mirrors throughout your space to make it feel larger. Placing mirrors across from each other, allowing them to reflect into each other, will make any space feel larger.


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