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How To Decorate Holiday Windows & Siding Without Damage

How to Decorate Holiday Windows Siding Without Damage

Decorating your home for the holidays is festive and fun, but it can cause significant damage to your windows and siding if you aren’t doing it properly. Hanging lights, mounting wreaths, projecting light beams, or even hosting Santa’s sleigh on your roof can become dangerous.

So how can you do your holiday decorating without danger or damage? Here are a few tips to make your decorating easy, fast, and safe!

  1. Team Up. Getting a friend or family member to help you can make the entire process easier and more safe. Ask a friend to help hold your ladder, hand you stakes or hooks, or just keep you company. You’re much more likely to make safe decisions and poke fewer holes.
  2. Check Your Goods. Be sure that any of the lights or décor you’re using are intended for outdoor use, because otherwise you might encounter faulty equipment or electrical dangers. Use outdoor lights, outdoor hooks or adhesives, and outdoor extension cords. It’s also a good idea to test all of your lights and decorations carefully before mounting them to be sure you don’t have a short or other issues.
  3. Mount Safely. If you plan to hang Christmas lights every year consider mounting permanent light clips to the eaves and windows of your home. You can get plastic clips from any home improvement store, and adhesive that will be safe for whatever surface you’re dealing with. You might also consider the outdoor version of adhesive Command hooks. A good temporary option for stucco or brick is to use a hot glue gun. Then you can simply pull off the lights when you’re done at the end of the season. If you’re mounting or hanging things like wreaths on windows – use window-specific suction hooks that won’t damage the glass.
  4. Be a Fair Weather Fan. Choose the clearest and warmest possible day to hang your lights, even if that means hanging them earlier than you planned. Not only is it just more pleasant, but it reduces the risk of slipping and falling, or struggling with frozen fingers and doing a poor job. You can put up your lights before Thanksgiving… just don’t light them quite yet.
  5. No Holes! Never punch holes in your siding, stucco, brick, or other siding surfaces to hang or mount decorations. Do not use nails or tacks, either. Staples used to be commonly used, but most experts advise against them as they can damage light cords and leave weakened spots in your siding. If you do have damage to your siding or windows, get it fixed quickly before the damage costs you extra in heating and utility bills.

Happy holidays and stay safe on your ladders out there!


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