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How To Choose The Best Patio Furniture

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As we step into spring we are all thinking about our backyards and warm weather. How do you use your backyard? Are you maximizing your space?

By carefully crafting and utilizing your outdoor space you can really maximize both indoor and outdoor areas and create something incredible for your family. Today we’re sharing some tips for choosing the best patio furniture for your backyard.

How To Choose The Best Patio Outdoor Furniture

  1. Brainstorm Use. How do you use your backyard? Maybe your kids play Indian Ball all summer long. Do you want to host dinner parties? Perhaps you’re looking for a quiet place to read – alone. Many families like to dine outside, while some would just use the space for cocktails.
  2. Measure Space. Once you know if you want a dining table or just a big hammock, you can take the measurements for your space. This will be helpful for determining what patio furniture is even possible before testing.
  3. Test it Out. If possible, sit for an extended period (longer than 5 minutes) in your potential patio furniture before purchasing. Beautiful patio furniture can be tempting, but if it’s uncomfortable to sit in then no one will ever want to use it. For online purchases, check the return policy and try out one chair before assembling the rest.
  4. Low Maintenance. We highly recommend patio furniture that is wood or metal, because the care is so easy. Plastic furniture is popular for the glossy finish and low price but after a year in the sun it will start to look worn and dated. Wood or metal with removable, washable cushions is the best option for easy care and long wear.
  5. Storage. For patio furniture that lasts basically forever, it will need protection or storage during the off-season. Chairs that stack and tables that collapse can easily be stored in a garage or basement during the winter for better protection. You can also consider all-weather covers that drape and secure around your patio furniture – just make sure you keep it in mind when you buy.

And of course, the rule applies: You get what you pay for. Choosing more quality, though expensive, items will pay off in the long run when they last and look beautiful for years down the road. Take some time to think about how your current patio furniture is working for you and how you might better use your outdoor space.


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